Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lamb day and Dinks not doing as well

Saya at 9 weeks old she loved that fox toy

Not much to say. Weather's been pretty nice rains at night and sunny or cloudy during the day.

Saya has been doing great she wishes the weather was cooler, but she's getting used to it as she looses her winter coat she still has some on her legs and butt fluff.

Dink in the snow licking lips after getting a treat

Dink our 15 years old catahoula mix is well getting old she is showing it really well. White on her face not walking as well etc.

I'm so glad I found out about how bad some kibble can be we got her switched from beneful to wellness core two years ago and I've noticed tons of improvements in her since she went to better kibble.

Wellness core wasn't for her made her fart a ton I think it was the turkey in it since she always farted a lot with cooked turkey we tried core ocean and she stopped with farting and is doing great.

I noticed after being on wellness core she had more energy compared to when she was on beneful.

She would walk around more better beg for treats or to be petted and act like her younger self more.

On beneful she'd just lay there and only got up every so often either for dinner, to potty, or find new spot to lay in.

It's so sad we had our past dogs on that stuff wish I knew better much sooner. Ah well things happen and at least me and my mom know better now.

She is now slowing down even more she's been on joint pills, fish oil, and bladder pills since she has been old, but recently we had to put her on pain meds to help with the arthritis pain.

She got better with walking after that plus the warm weather helped too. Last winter was hard on her I don't think she'll last to the next one it'd be too much for her weak legs.

I've noticed she's not eating her kibble as well so I've been wetting it and added some ground fresh parsley and some probiotics.

I've read parsley is good for dogs so I thought it couldn't hurt for her to have it she seems to enjoy eating much more and the extra water and added probiotics in her food is probably good too.

I've also been giving her a rotation of yummy kibble toppers, caned dog food, cooked egg, liver, ground meats, and caned fish she loves it.

Saya two weeks old                                                    

Today I fed Saya 3oz ground lamb that had cut parsley, solid gold seameal, and fish oil mixed in she also got lamb ribs and lamb liver.

She really enjoyed her big meal. Tomorrow I'm going to fast her and the day after that she gets boneless pork she really loves pork.

I don't think I can ever feed my dog kibble as a meal ever again. I give kibble to Saya as a treat, but besides that she gets raw and it works great for her.

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