Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Saya and her squirrel

Happy Saya
Last Saturday me and mom went to the Feast of the Hunter's Moon.

I had a good time and I got Saya a squirrel and a long string of leather for Saya to play with.

I plan to tie the leather string on the squirrel and use it for her to play with as a flirt pole toy.

Also to work on leave it with her being so excited over it.

Saya jumping for the squirrel
Saya rarely jumps with this much excitement she usually only jumps to jump over agility hurdle, over fallen trees, or jump on couches.

She really liked the smell of the squirrel too. I did some pictures of it around her neck like people do with minks.. She left it when I said leave it and she posed well.

I'm going to bite it!
I let her have fun with it for a bit and since she likes to fetch different items I tried it to see if she would fetch the squirrel and bring it to me.

Playing with it for a bit
Bring it Saya!
Saya picks it up
Saya brought the squirrel right to me!
She was cute bringing the squirrel to me too bad my camera that takes video is broken it'd been nice thing to have recorded.. I'll have to work with her fetching it I think it'd be fun to do.

Saya looks cute!
Sorry if the picture is a bit creepy. I'm not a fan of the pelts of coyotes, fox or otter..

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