Friday, September 9, 2011

Saya met Rusty again in his crate
Saya met a two New guinea singing dogs!

She first met Rusty got bit snarky with him, so after he peed and stretched a bit he was put in the crate and Saya met him in the crate more and got to smell him more.
Second time they met she did better and even tried to get Rusty to play.

I'm so glad to meet singers in person I got to see more how their personality is like. One was very shy, the female I met was friendly she was from the Hammond rescue and she really liked my mom.

I'll upload the pictures of the three singers tomorrow.
Saya meeting Rusty a second time she was nicer this time. :3
 I'm so proud of how well Saya did with them she did get bit snarky, but when I told her Saya, Come! She stopped fussing and walked a bit to me and didn't get worried about the male singer the first one she met.

She tried to initiate play with the male singer, but she was a bit shy with Saya and didn't want to rough house.

Whinchester the male we met was a bit shy with me too, but that was fine.

Her first meeting Rusty she got a bit snarky at first she did good, but then she got a bit uncomfy I guess. Once Rusty pottied and stuff he was put in his crate while one female got out to potty she was one of the Hammond rescues and she was much friendlier. I got to pet her and then I took Saya to meet Rusty again through the crate.

The female really loved my mom she warmed up quick to her and she never got that friendly to strangers before it was so cute.

Saya met Rusty and she was much calmer with meeting through the crate Rusty was happy Saya was around and was quiet when Saya was near if I walked away a bit he'd make tons of noises. lol
Saya did much better with meeting Rusty for the second time she tried to get him to play by play bowing and making her shiba noises! He wasn't into playing though and it was time for them to go because it was getting late and the singers was making lots noises.

I hope they have a safe trip.

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