Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wolfdog stud ad
I have a wolf dog up for studding. hes a nice boy. hes proven. hes timber wolf and chow. hes lines come from debbies dream in harrah, ok. Hes throws the most beautiful puppies. they are more on the fluffier side due to the chow which makes them even cuter. our last litter sold before they were born. for more info please feel free to contact me. we do charge a stud fee.

I go to a wolf dog forum I don't think I'll ever own one, but I like looking at the pictures of them and learning about their behavior.. Well The famous owner on dogster is also on this wolf dog forum.

Many times people have told her that her dog looks more like a Chow/GSD or Chow/Akita mix not wolf dog and they've said many times to not breed him anymore. >.<

Coarse she still has stud service going on still breeding shiba inu.

Sorry just because your dog supposivly acts wolfish doesn't make it a wolf dog plenty of husky, malamutes, and other spitz breeds have similar behavior.

Saya loves to dig on blankets, dirt, sand and fleece jacket
I mean even if the dog had some minimal wolf in him it's not enough to even call him low content wolf dog. Sadly some people probably believe this person I mean look at the multiple husky or husky mix pups being sold as wolfdogs..

Sadly you can't change everyone or fix the issues in the world.

There's so many lies and deceit with this person it makes me crazy.

I was hoping directing this person to a wolf dog forum so she can post pictures and get it from wolf dog owner she might believe them, but nope she still thinks it.

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