Friday, September 9, 2011

New guinea singing dogs

Today I might get a chance to meet three singers up close and in person! Someone I know from a NGSD group is going through Lafayette Indiana so he let me know and I hope to meet him.

I love primitive type dogs like the shiba inu, Jindo, kai ken, and even the dingo and New Guinea Singers.

I'd love to have a rescued Singer one day once I have my own house and a good fenced yard. Which will be long time in my future.

I still need to get my driver's license and a job. So sad at my age I don't have a license.

Ah well I plan to get it this year and get a job somewhere I'm hoping at the dog house a dog boarding/daycare/grooming place. I really love the workers and it'd be nice to work with dogs..

Buckles would be nice place to work at too they're bit furthur from my house though so might be too much on gas to be doing everyday. Wished we still lived close to that pet store we were close enough to walk there.

They'd allow me to bring Saya to work with me which would be awesome since Saya is pretty well behaved and loves new people.

I plan to take some pictures and I'll post some on her and my experiences with the dogs.

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