Friday, October 24, 2014

Bella back on wellnessc core ocean

Bella was on farmina Chicken & ancestral grains for good bit. I thought she did fine with it, but itching came back. She used to itch a lot on Taste of the wild kibble so I tried farmina to see if it helped any.

She stopped for bit, but started back, but not as bad as when she was on Totw.

I decided to try her back onto wellness core ocean. I bought it off because local store had it bit too pricey $71 vs $59.

So far the itching has gone way down and she barely gets itchy at all.. I'm thinking it's due to the chicken in the kibble or something else that was in Totw and farmina. Going to check both formula ingredients to see if they have common one in it.

Bella doesn't seem bothered by raw chicken which is good since I can get bone in chicken for decent price.

I also bought a 15lb bag of acana pacifica to try to see how she does on it. She's had a sample of the orijen regional red which had enough for two days of food. she did good on it despite no transition to it.

I figure acana would be better since it is not as rich compared to orijen. I might try the ranchlands later since it doesn't have chicken in it to see how she does on it.

Acana kibble top and wellness core ocean bottom

Now that I got plenty of raw stuff in the freeze I've been giving it as kibble topper and she's been getting raw as dinner instead of kibble more often too.

She really likes the food I got for her and she seems do well with the meat too.

I plan to order a box of the honest kitchen base mix hale to give it a try. Might make good option for when Saya gets boarded next summer.

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