Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Portioned out the organs from MPC

Yesterday I portioned out Bella's beef, goat spleen and beef pancreas. It was ground up so had to work bit differently compared to whole organ.. I decided to just freeze the portions in containers instead of putting it in ziplock bags as it was too messy to do it that way..

I know some freeze ground organs on cookie sheet or something, but I didn't feel like doing that. Might try that method next time, but so far this looks like OK option..

I mixed the beef pancreas, goat and beef spleen together.. I figured it would be fine long I introduce the mix slowly.

Yesterday Bella got tiny bit of it with her food with her beef tripe supermix, kibble, and a chicken foot. yummy stuff..

Here's how the stuff looks portioned out.. this is weeks worth of it. I plan to introduce it slowly so I'll give it to her little bit each day along with her usual food. Either with her kibble meal, or with her raw meals..

She really liked what she got with her kibble which is good. I plan to do Saya's portion today.

Bella doesn't seem to have issue with having some raw with her kibble. I try to give her a full raw meal two to four times week as dinner and sometimes more if possible, but sometimes something comes up..

Next time I go to the grocery I plan to restock up on some chicken quarters, breasts and some ground meat then she'll be able to get raw for dinner much more often..

I'm pleased with the organs looks good and dogs love them. I'll definitely get more spleen and pancreas when low. for now the 3lbs of other organ should last good bit of time. I just need get some more bone in chicken, boneless meat, some beef and lamb kidneys and some more liver.  I'll be set for good bit.

Plan to order from MPC again.

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