Thursday, August 30, 2012

Got the ewe and emu portioned out

Yesterday I portioned out the 1 lb of ground ewe(female adult sheep I believe), and the two lbs of ground emu.

Saya really wanted some now, but she had a rabbit and some home made cooked food so she didn't need anymore food.
big pile of ground emu
I portioned it into 3oz balls for nice snack size or small meal size.

The ewe was $4.69 and emu was about $17 or so maybe less or more.
$17 for 11 balls of emu not to bad something exotic and tasty. We made emu hamburgers out of our ground emu we also have emu brats to make for ourselves later.

The emu farmer has bones so I might see if they can sell me something bone in wise I dunno emu are pretty big animals, but be interesting.. Emu neck maybe? Need big ice chest to bring that home. or emu feet? haha

As long as it's raw not those smoked kind..

I got this from farmer's market in Madison Wi during the shiba picnic. I hope next time we go they'll have organs and bone in stuff maybe I'll call them before and make sure they have it available for me.. hehe

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