Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 4th meat haul

Saturday August 4th I went to the farmer's market and got Saya couple things, went to Asian market, and Marsh grocery store too.

I bought beef tongue and lamb ribs at the farmer's market, two packs of Pacific Saury, one pack of mackerel, and dried anchovy, I got pack of pork chops and pork shoulder roast at the grocery store it was on a decent sale and I needed pork anyways.

Everything here cost me $61.49 which I think is decent for what I got.

Weight on everything is about 289.71oz.

Lamb rib weighed 2.23lbs, beef tongue 1.69lbs, two Saury weighed18.34oz each, mackerel weighed 14.01oz, pork chops weighed 87.52oz and pork shoulder roast weighed 88.78oz. or something like that..
These fish have their heads and organs too which is a bonus they also have same fish gutted and no heads. I get these since they have extra goodies in them Saya seems like the organs too.

She sometimes eat the who fish or she'll leave the head part for another time when ever she eats it she will usually start with the tail and eat to the head or she'll eat from the stomach area then tail and head.

When she was pretty new to raw she was used to chicken, pork, beef liver and kidney I got these fish for her she was in a picky phase and it took her a while to get used to it. I mean it's much different then a piece of liver or boneless pork and so on..

She would usually lick it a lot and then just eat tiny bit and not want anymore I just bagged up and put in the freezer for next time and she eventually got the taste for it. Now she loves the fish. 

She also used to not like to eat it's head for the longest time I had to put a bit of peanut butter on the head to convince her to eat the fish's head. lol

So glad she eats the head no issue.

The mackerel has it's head, but no guts it comes with two mackerel in the pack. I love how much variety the Asian market it's mostly with fish, squid, octopus, they do have pork and beef, but none of the meat is what I'd want..

The fish is sold at good prices.. $5 and some change for a pack of four pacific saury..

They also sale kimchi, dried squid, shrimp, pollock, anchovy, dried seaweed, fresh seaweed or whatever, and variety of miso, tofu, rice, and various sauces and cooking items.

I had mom get some seaweed so we can put it in the miso soup when we make it.
The soup tasted good with it in it usually we put spinach instead since normal stores don't have it.

I never new the place had it, but who knows maybe I wasn't looking good enough.

Beef tongue! I had some in the freeze, but was getting low so I got one I have plenty of heart on beef and lamb..

Not much to say on it except Saya used to not like beef tongue when she was new to raw she would lick it take a exploratory bite to see if it was good and she didn't seem to like it.

She did same with beef heart so maybe it was a texture thing plus could be because I gave her the whole beef tongue to mess with she might been overwhelmed by it's size. haha

I kept offering the tongue and heart and in snack sizes frozen she seemed to eat heart and tongue bit better frozen.

Now she eats it frozen, thawed or cooked she don't care anymore which is good.

I got lamb ribs from the farmer I usually get them from a butcher and they're usually smaller..

I forgot how much it cost for the ribs it cost me $17 for the ribs and beef tongue so maybe it was $14 or something? I dunno. I need write down price of each item next time.

I plan to try keep better track of what I buy so I can post how much I spend each month.

I cut each rib so she each gets one rib as part of a meal.. I'll give it with boneless meat or organ or something.

She loves lamb ribs. :)

One farmer at the farmer's market will have ewe soon which is nice it's an adult female sheep I believe might be wrong..

She has liver, tongue, kidneys, and heart plus ground meat of it. I'll probably get some she is selling it at a good price.

Unfortunately with this dry weather farmer's been having issues with crops which isn't good. :\

The farmer with the ewe had issue with a weasel getting into the chicken coop and killing some of the chickens and got some of the ducks too.

I hope they can weasal proof the coop..

One thing about having chickens they do bring in predators.
Saya's pork chops. :)

I got it all cut up and portioned into meal size or half meal size..

I portioned everything and put them in big ziplock bags in the freezer in a way they don't touch so once they're completely frozen I can just take one small one or big meat to thaw.
It's a bit of work, but I don't mind.

Here's a picture how I do it it took two big bags and three little bags to do it. Once it all froze completely I put all the meat in one ziplock bag.
Here's her pork shoulder roast I doesn't have skin on it like the one I got last time, but it's still nice. When I first got pork shoulder roast this is the kind I usually get sometimes it'd have tiny bit of skin on it sometimes not.

One I got that had a lot of skin was a big pork shoulder roast it didn't even fit in ziplock bags I have.. Luckily I keep the plastic bags that the farmer's use to put the veggies in when selling them. It was big enough for it..

I like the skin because it makes it harder to get to the meat and is very chewy and good for the teeth, but this pork roast provides a good work out too.
Here is the big pork shoulder roast. It was huge lasted Saya for long time.

Bite marks from Saya.

She eventually got through the skin of coarse she ate from the bottom where the meat is and worked on the skin and stuff.

People ask is it ok to feed something that has been thawed and frozen multiple times? This roast is way to big for her to eat in one or two times.. It took her long time to finish it.

I first gave her the pork roast in 10/03/2011 and her last meal of it was 5/15/2012.

I so wish I bought two of them when they had that sale.. 88cents lb is a good deal or maybe it was 99cents lb either way good deal..

Here's what it looked like after Saya grind up some bone on the jointed parts..

The meat didn't seem to go bad from thawing and refreezing no smell or anything I thawed it and fed it and put back in freeze once she was done with it. 

I won't be getting anything till my chicken feet from the farmer. Hope to get lots of them.

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