Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pork is on sale Saya is happy

I'm out of pork luckily this week grocery ad has a small sale on it. Not as great as 88cents lb pork shoulder roast, but better then nothing..

Sale is picnic roast $1.19lb and family pack pork steaks $1.99lb pork tenderloin is $3.99lbs not sure what it's normal prices are.. I'll probably just get the picnic roast and family pork steaks I hope the roast has a lot of skin on it nice and chewy..

I used up last boneless pork when Saya got back from boarding and had pork rib tips which she ate up too..

Though I don't recommend rib tips as they are small and gulpable even for a shiba.  pork ribs are better choice then rib tips.. Luckily Saya is pretty good with them. I rather lamb or pork ribs then those though.

Saya chilling on the drive way.
I sent email to farmer for Saya's chicken feet and chicken heads.. She'll let me know when she has enough for me.

I was going to get her two ducks too, but she just ran out of them so maybe next year.

That will leave room for the pork and then I hope to see if the local meat processor still sells beef trim for $1 still.. I never got it from them before some other raw feeder in the area does..

I'm not sure how much beef trim I must buy.. I do have limit since Ill have the chicken feet, heads, pork steaks and roast.. I'd like get 5lbs of it to see how it is if it's worth getting.. Beef is pretty pricey.. :\

I'm hoping they'd put trachea and beef lung with it too that would be nice.

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