Monday, August 27, 2012

dehydrating chicken hearts

I don't have a dehydrator just yet, but I seen posts on people doing it in the oven so I thought I'd give it a try it seems simple enough.. If it doesn't do it right Saya still love it.

I thought it'd be fun to try it. The one I found said to put oven on 150F and bake for 4hours my oven only goes to 170F so I'm cooking for 2hours to check it and then will flip the hearts and cook for 2more hours and check see how they do.
I do have a $75 gift card from target so I might check to see if they have any dehydrators in store or online and if they're good quaility I might buy them.

I checked target even for freeze they only have dorm fridges and chest freezers. I'm hoping get an upright eventually.

I did trim the fat on some of the hearts, but some I didn't due to how small the hearts are I didn't want them to fall through the holes..

It'll be interesting to see how they come out.

I've been giving our cat a little bit of chicken heart he seems to love them.

Bella has been getting the chicken heart juice and some chicken heart in her kibble too coarse she loves it. yummy. :)
Saya just got done working on a beef rib so she was happy.
I think dehydrating is a nice way make good treats you know what is the ingredients and where the meat came from. I might try sweet potatoes Bella likes dehydrated ones..
I cooked it for two hours flipped then for two more hours then flipped and added one more hour.

They turned out good didn't smell bad actually. They were a bit greasy, but not too bad. Saya really loved the tiny bit I gave her.
I plan to use them for recall training She is pretty good off leash staying in yard and stuff, but I like to keep working with recall each day. I rotate between string cheese, fish fudge treats, cooked turkey, and kibble.

Chicken hearts will make great and nutritious training treats. :)

Saya was nice enough to help me clean the pan.
Bella got a chance to clean it too. :)
I'll have to compare chicken hearts done in oven and in a dehydrator see which I like the best.

I plan to do things like beef heart, beef lung, boneless meat, fish and stuff.

Maybe this weekend I'll check out stores with dehydrators see how prices are.

I have seen some on craigslist for decent price so might do that option I don't know yet.

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  1. If you haven't define what that part or meat you have cooked for your pet, I wouldn't notice that it is the chicken heart. You gave me a nice idea on what to fed my pet dog whenever we're on a park. It's definitely a nutritious training treat! I'm just worried that it might stick to the grill. Can I apply some coconut oil to make sure it won't stick to the grilling pan?