Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Saya's The Honest Kitchen sampling

While in Madison WI I went to bad dog frida got some things six salmon skin chew bones, ziwipeak deer shank, Karen Becker's book, and dvd. I also got these two sample packets for free to try in case Saya didn't like it I didn't lose money..

They only had love and keen to sample love is beef and keen is turkey.

Saya tried Turkey today it was enough for fulls day meal for her. She ate half of it in morning and the rest around 4pm.

First I added in Saya's joint supplements she gets each day green lipped musel and elk velvet antler stuff it comes in pill form, but I crush it Saya sometimes will eat it sometimes she won't.

Then the packet of keen.

Then add warm water and wait for 5minutes I let it sit a little more before giving it to her.

It weighed 6.69oz with the water.
Stuff up close
I have a 5$ off coupon so I might use it and get either love or the fish formula..

Saya seems to enjoy it and it'd be nice snack once and awhile or meal on camping or something.

Ingredients seem good and I think I like the beef and zeal kind ingredient wise it has coconut which Saya loves.

I don't think I'll feed this all the time Saya loves her raw diet, but this will be a yummy snack or once in a while meal.

Place I'll be getting it is a pet grooming place they also sell Diatomaceous earth so I might get some of that too.

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