Thursday, August 16, 2012

Groundhog captured

Saya focused on the critter in the trap
Being in the country is great some downfalls are critters like groundhogs and rabbits eating up gardens. Deer too they sometimes try it. Pepper spray I use works great stops them from eating things.

Groundhog went crazy for the tomatoes. It would take a bite out of one get another tomato and the mess was annoying good tomatoes ruin because he bitten them I mean if your going to take my tomatoes eat the whole thing!

I never sprayed pepper spray stuff because nothing ate it till now.
I barrowed a live trap to use and barricaded the shed where the groundhog was living under.

I left only one openning and the trap with couple tomatoes and carrot to lure the thief in.

I checked trap each day so to not leave chance of him getting in it and starving.

The groundhog was cute of coarse like the one on groundhog day, but it had to go I love tomatoes and homegrown ones taste great..

I moved the trap to the middle of the garden and allowed Saya to check it out.

She does a good job with chasing rabbits out of the garden and listens to me to come when called.

I don't think I'd want her to tango with a groundhog since they're very powerful creatures.

Their head is so darn thick, got big teeth, and powerful bite I'm sure.

I wanted Saya to familiarize with the scent so she knows it and I worked with her for while to work with leave it and come.

I'm hoping with that training she'll get it and come when called if she goes after scent or sees it.

Don't want her getting hurt she is a tough shiba, but I dunno especially since she never had an encounter with a groundhog before.

She wagged her tail and acted like she wanted to be friendly with it like she does with our cats.
I thought she'd be bit more not friendly with it since she is pretty prey driven and has chased rabbits and stuff, but maybe if it was loose and running off she'd be more likely to treat it as prey. I dunno.

She circled the trap and when ever she got close to the groundhog it would charge at her, growl at her and Saya got a bit pissed and growled and barked at the groundhog.

She didn't back off when it charged at her she backed to get away from it, but she went right back to the trap.

Where ever she moved the groundhog turned to face her.

Saya really enjoyed the encounter though she made bunch crazy shiba noises from growls, barking, baying type bark, yodeling, and screaming.

She actually did good when I told her to come she came right to me got her treat and I gave her the OK to check it out again and did come again. I tried to space it out so I wasn't constantly calling her to come.
I enjoy being out in the country and I think it's reason why Saya does so well off leash she gets opportunity to do it often. coarse she is supervised never left alone when off leash.

I have no fence due to big yard..

As long she sticks in the yard and if she chases the rabbits off the yard she comes back she is allowed freedom.

I'm surprised how well she has done with rabbits she chases them and returns right to me when I call her or if they run too far or into high grass she heads back to me.

I had her off leash in the field once and a small rabbit was in the trail she saw it and I told her leave it and told her to come on lets go home. We were heading home after spending enough time in the trails. She followed me right with me. I was so happy she got tons of yummy treats for listening.

I still don't think shiba inu make good off leash dogs I'd hate for someone's dog get lost and not coming back.. They are prey driven and well a dog with shibatude.

Maybe it depends on the dog, or breeder who breeds for it, or way it was raised..

I really think being in country is what made Saya good off leash coarse I didn't let her have freedom as a pup I had her on a long leash and increased her freedom as she did better.

Coarse I'm no shiba or dog expert..

I work with her from a 8week old pup on her name, focus on me and coming on command.

I do a bit training each day too if it's raining I do it inside from room to room I call her and sometimes play hide and seek inside.

I plan do hide and seek outside now that the weather has cooled a little bit.

I'll post another day on groundhog gotten some day pictures..


  1. Wow! What are you going to do with the groundhog?

  2. I got rid of it.

    Gross thing to do, but I don't want to relocate it then it finds someone else veggies and they decide to poison it instead of relocating..

    I'm not into killing things I don't want my dad to kill any coyotes unless they are attacking my dog.. So far they don't bother us so.

    The groundhog was doing a lot of damage to the veggies and who knows what it would have done to the shed if it kept digging under it.