Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bizarre foods stir fry!

I made this for lunch today. It's onions, carrots, yellow squash, green peppers, celery and green beans cooked seasoned, and then cooked with 2.24oz of grass fed beef liver and 1 or 2oz of grass fed beef heart also an egg in it too. 

I seasoned it with salt, pepper, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, soy sauce, Sriracha, sesame seeds, bit of Lime juice, and orange juice.

This is from Saya's food I wanted to try heart see how it taste..

It's OK I'd eat it if there was nothing around.  With all the seasonings it actually did taste pretty good. There is enough for lunch or dinner for two or three days..

I'm not huge fan of organs, but beef liver and now beef heart isn't too bad if seasoned right.

I don't like turkey liver though cooked it for training treat for Saya and it didn't taste good.

I like making odd meals and it's probably healthy too grass fed beef.. The yellow squash and green peppers came from my garden too. :)

There is a cantaloupe or watermelon growing in the front yard probably from me putting compost that wasn't  finished composting on a hole where mom removed a small tree..

I would have used zuchinni, but the ones growing aren't big enough just yet..

I love growing stuff at the garden pulling weeds can be a pain though..

Rabbits and ground hogs too they ate all my carrots, some broccoli, and radishes.. Saya does good job keeping them off, but she can't be outside 24/7 due to heat, and night..

Ah well at least I know I can't trust dad when he plants things it's me who has to keep it weed free and stuff.. Pepper wax spray helps keeps critters off plants.

Saya's joint supplement has shipped thankfully I ordered it when I did it's now selling for $44 from same seller.. I paid $26 that's good saving!

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