Sunday, July 29, 2012

Owner got herself a treat. :)

Saya has been much better and much more active too.

Friday 27th morning she went pottied and our cat was out so she had to pester him she thinks he likes to play so she play bows at him and makes crazy noises at him.

Coarse he doesn't like it so he either bats at her and she dodges or he runs and Saya gives chase. Crazy dog and their games of chase.

She is getting better with coming right away when I tell her to usually she'd chase him into the garage and then run back to me.
I saw a big pear that have fallen so I rolled it down the hill and Saya had a blast chasing it. I love seeing her so happy and spunky. Glad she find enjoyment out of items that I don't need to buy.

              She gave it a taste too she mainly nibbled on it then got bored till I tossed it.

I got myself two video games I don't buy them often due to saving up money.

I also got Saya more green lipped mussel supplement seller was getting low so I thought I'd get it just in case they don't sell it or sell it higher.. Either way some extra supplement is good.

One game is The Last Story it's for the wii comes with a 44 page artbook and for  pre ordering it comes with soundtrack CD comes with seven tracks.

The art work looked very familiar and it came to me it's just like Drakengard one and two artwork!

Kimihiko Fujisaka does very nice artwork which I enjoy looking at it.

Music is done by Nobuo Uematsu which is cool too.

Beautiful artwork

The other game I got is Persona 4 Arena I love Shin megami tensei games they're pretty cool. I love the persona ones can't go wrong when persona 3 has a cream shiba named Koromaru! He's such a cute dog. :)

It's a fighting type game so bit different then usual persona. Still looks fun.

The game comes with a CD Not sure how many songs are on it, but either way nice to get little extra bonus.

Persona 4 Golden is coming to US which is great I don't have a psvita yet, but I'm going to buy it so when I get the system I'll have the game. No bonus yet, but who knows there might be one if not I don't mind the extra stuff added is nice enough..

The persona 3 bonus was my favorite one Saya made a cute model of it. Junpei Iori's hat a character in the game..

Anyways I cant wait to get the games to try them out.

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