Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Saya boarding stay and some vacation pic

Good news my vacation went well had lots fun hiking finding cool rocks like ones above and finding snakes and stuff I saw coyote poop on the trail and one looked like bear poop maybe..

We went kayaking which was loads of fun though due to drought the water was low in some spots so we had to get out at times to get to the deeper area it was still fun despite it I did good for first time kayaking. I hope to get one someday.

We went to hot springs can't visit Arkansas without visiting that place. We checked out the shops there was a dog place it was bit touristy mostly dog t shirts, people shirts with dogs on it or frames with dogs on it and leash collar with jewels on it not sure if fake or real..

We went to gangster museum which was interesting they talked about the activity in the hot springs and what they did there.

Arlington Hotel

Capone's prison cell

They did have some nice storm sewer manhole things. :)
The hot spring place we stayed at was nice had different pools to sit in some hotter some bit cooler. The water they gave to drink was very yummy. hehe
Arlington hotel again..
I'm done with vacation pics for now I have a few more to post later on of one of our hikes and a bunch of carp..

Anyways we got back home and picked up the dogs the next day from the boarding place in the morning.

Me and mom isn't impressed with things like last time. I don't know if they're understaffed and didn't do things like last time, but the dog bed and blanket was full of hair smelly..
bath always feel good when your dirty

Dogs were smelly too and Saya doesn't usually smell at all even after she been digging in the dirt she doesn't smell too badly. Bella she doesn't smell much either except when she has gone for a swim or rolled into something.

Bella our boxer was skinny not sure how much weight she lost, but she looked how she looked as a young dog could see her ribs, spine, and hip a bit more. She is pretty lean dog as it is, but I dunno we left instructions and she got same amount of food she gets usual.. Maybe the stress of being boarded got to her.

Though last time she was boarded with Dink she did fine didn't loose weight though she wasn't hypothyroid at that time.. Though they had her meds and gave right amount each day so it shouldn't been issue..

Saya was a bit lethargic, and had a cough she might had slight case of kennel cough Bella had same cough, but wasn't as often.. Both dogs had the vaccine, but coarse it doesn't totally protects a dog.

Poor Saya had mucous in her poop not sure why it's cleared up after four days back at home. I gave her bit extra bone in meals that week then usual. Chicken drumstick and pork rib tip.

She was on premade nature's variety raw lamb kind she had it before and had it for week and half before she went to be boarded so not sure why the bad poop. Maybe could be stress related or could be way the staff fed her maybe the kept the food in the fridge instead of the freeze like I told them.

They really need put online cams for boarding like they do for daycare..

Anyways I'm glad she is back to normal now though it was sad seeing her so lethargic. She also had some plaque build up guess because she was on pre made raw for an week or so..

I'm not fan of pre made I love the whole raw kind nothing like giving her a chicken drumstick or lamb ribs or boneless duck yummy.

I'm not against pre made raw, but it's not for Saya..
August well be going to the Madison WI shiba picnic which will be nice. Mom will need to rent a car for it because her car needs some work on it and no way we are driving that much in dad's truck it has no ac..

Anyways I'm ordering some chicken feet from this farmer who raises chicken, turkey, pigs and ducks free range not in any cages or sheds..

I'll probably get a duck roaster or whatever it's called from her maybe two for a unique type of food. Saya already gets boneless duck.. I might see if the lady doesn't mind leaving my two duck whole with organs, feathers and head..  I hope she doesn't mind it.

I'm also getting chicken heads from her too.. I'm still figuring out how much to get right now..

When fall comes before she stops selling I plan stock up so it'll last through the winter.

Feeding whole duck, and chicken heads? Gross! haha

Saya really loves her whole prey items though she loves whole prey quail her favorite meal.

It is bit gross feed the stuff, but I feel it's good for the dog and coarse in the wild they'd eat the head they wouldn't just eat everything except the head..

That type of stuff is considered by product, but since I know how the chicken and duck was raised I don't feel it is bad.. I mean these birds are free ranged on the grass following you around not cooped in a cage or shed and the place doesn't stink like usual chicken farms. :)

I'm hoping to buy ton of deer heart and liver from the farmer's market in Madison WI I only go up there once year so nice to get goodies from there for the dogs.

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