Wednesday, July 4, 2012

First time boarding.

Saya will be boarded for the first time we are going to Ozarks Arkansas for vacation sadly the place doesn't allow dogs. :\

She and Bella will be boarded at The dog house of Lafayette a dog boarding, daycare, grooming type place and only place that sells fromm dog food and cat food.. They also have locally made leather leashes, collars, treats, and some toys.

Bella boarded there when we went to Louisiana Saya came with us because she is relatively well behaved and more socialized. Bella is getting better with being good with company now she has had more visitors.

Dink boarded there too our 15 year old catahoula mix she was having hard time with arthritis and we hated to leave and have her boarded, but couldn't trust anyone in family to properly take care of the dogs last time it was disaster Dink had accidents because they didn't let her out at proper times..

The staff did well with Dink gave her right meds and washed the blanket when she peed on it due to her incontinence. They took them on walks and Bella I could tell she got exercised so that's good.

I know when she hasn't she is horribly hyper and annoying she needs good run once a day and one or two walks depends on weather.

Saya exploring.
One good thing about the place they do raw and have fridge/freezer for that type of stuff and they had shiba before being boarded.

They will also seperate the dogs during feeding time if there is issue with resource guarding which is good especially since Saya takes a bit to eat her food. Though she will be eating pre made raw which she can eat faster thawed I feed it frozen helps slow her down.

I got her pre made lamb food luckily had coupon month ago so that was nice..

8 baggies to put each days food in. We will be gone for 7days, but I figure it'd be good for her to have extra day never know with traffic if we'll be delayed.. coarse I don't think a day on kibble would hurt her and if it gave her issue I'd just have to buy her some bone in chicken and have her on bland meal till she is good..

I figure pre made would be easier for the staff to feed then tossing chicken drumstick, liver in one bag, boneless meat in other, tongue and heart and drumstick and kidney etc.. haha

she loves lamb so I got that she also has bison pre made which she liked, but I mainly been giving as a quick snack to have.

I don't really give pre made except for boarding since it can get pricey and I much rather fresh whole raw then it.

Coarse if your worried about food being nutritionally balance pre made is good type raw to feed.. Though I'd give a chicken drumstick, pork rib, lamb ribs and stuff like that to give more chewing actions..

The pre made is all bagged up! two rectangle blocks for each day.

Each block weighs like 3 oz maybe bit more two together is about 6oz or bit more that's about what she gets a day..

I fed her the pre made bison for whole week and she did fine no yucky poo and she kept weight on fine.

I hope she does well during boarding she has met the staff during times we went to get fromm when I had a coupon or for a visit and she loved the workers so that's good.

The place has tvs on animal planet so that is nice. The dogs don't seem to bark like past places which is good. Our last three dogs were so hoarse from all the barking..

Wasn't fun for them. hehe

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