Sunday, May 27, 2012

Velvet elk antler supplement came

Yesterday Saya's new supplement came it's elk velvet antler by Natraflex they make supplement for humans and pets. Supposed to be good for joint health I've been told and seen people suggest it so I figured I'd try it out.

Superflex the name of the pet formula. There is other brands out there, but I thought I'd try this since this brand was recommended.
Here's a bit on why I feed raw and been trying different joint meds.

Saya since I picked her up from her breeder she bunny hopped. The vet checked her on first examination and vaccine shots and he didn't find anything wrong with her knee or hips.

At 6months she got a x ray while she was under for her spay. Her hips and knees looked good I saw the x ray myself.

I continued to be stumped what was up.. 6months I started to venture into giving her raw items she would get a raw egg once a week then. Before that from 8weeks to 5 months she got cooked eggs, caned salmon, sardines, mackerel cooked meat, and caned dog food along with her kibble I'd rotate it each week sometimes she got bit extra.

At 6months she got the raw egg along with her other items.

7months old I kept giving her the caned fish, cooked, meat, caned dog food, raw egg and then I added lamb ribs to rotation. After research I got more into raw feeding and I though lamb ribs be good start to see how she like raw.

She got the lamb ribs with a raw egg and bit of caned fish as a dinner instead of kibble once a week and she did good with it.

8months I plunged full onto raw she was on same kibble as Bella wellness core ocean so I didn't need wait for kibble to get eaten up. I bought a thing of chicken thighs and drumsticks once those were out I got her more and added chicken breast to the mix.

I did chicken for while then slowly added in pork then beef liver, then beef kidney it took while for each new item in slow transition.
I went to my first shiba meet up type thing it was the shiba picnic at Madison WI. I got to meet Pat Doescher from Hi-Jinx shiba inu. She coarse was concerned with way she was walking asked if it was HD or something.

I told her it wasn't and vet examined her and had x ray done to be sure and nothing wrong with her hips or knees. She then suggested maybe it's neurological or with spine?

Once back home we asked the vet and he checked the x rays again and sure enough something was up with spine. It doesn't look too bad and so far she doesn't seem to be in any pain that I can tell.

She runs around and runs up and down hills with no issues.

She can jump up my bed and on fallen trees with no issue..

Second year on raw or maybe when I got back from the shiba picnic I got her chicken feet it supposedly is good source of natural condroitine and stuff. She loves chicken feet so they make yummy treat or snack.
Saya being helpful bringing the trash to me
I been giving her joint health tablet from Springtime I got it for free for buying the bug off tablets.

Saya been taking them and now she takes green lipped mussel supplement supposed to be good for joints as a natural supplement.

So far I like the Green lipped mussel supplement and it is at a good price and should last her for a while she gets two capsules a day I just put it on her plain Greek yogurt or caned fish and she eats it up.
She is on day two on it and I doubt I'll see any improvements in this time. I've been told it took two weeks for it to show.

I might stop giving the Springtime joint health once I'm out and just give the green lipped mussel and elk velvet antler supplement.

I've been giving the joint health one day and the other she doesn't get it.

I don't want to give her too many joint supplements I dunno if too much is good or bad or if one would cancel each other..

I do notice with addition of the green lipped mussel she seems much more active and not too tired even in the heat. Coarse I make sure she always has water around and if it's too hot she is put inside to cool off while I work outside.

120 tablets should last her for 60days which is nice. I gave her one and she tried it and didn't like taste so I crushed it in her bowl and she ate it when I mixed a tiny bit of plain Greek yogurt with it.

The tablets don't smell to bad and she does like deer antlers.. Maybe I'll offer it during evening since she tends be more willing to eat things in the evening.

Ingredients look fine so far I need look it all up though.. I haven't compared other elk velvet supplements yet too..

I might get human kind for myself..

Two a day for dog her size, four for large dog and one for cat..

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