Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Green lipped mussel supplement

Sun rising
Saya gets around great, but since she has her spinal injury I worry about her sometimes.

Reason I feed raw is due to it and I'm thankful now I think any other dog I get will be raw fed too It's a dog diet for me.. hehe

Anyways I been meaning to try green lipped mussel supplement to see if it would help with her joints.

She doesn't show signs of being in pain or anything she can run like her tail is on fire! haha

I figure I'd give it a try to see if it helps who knows it might give her more power and she'll feel so much better to walk and run!

She does get around pretty well, but on walks she lags behind some so could be due to fatigue on her feet I don't know.

This is what I ordered FoodScience of Vermont Sea Mussel.
Someone on a raw dog forum I go to use it and they seem happy with it so I thought I'd try it 26$ for two bottles of 90 capsules sure! That's 180 good deal I think plus free shipping.

I'm also going to try Superflex It's a proprietary blend of two natural products, premium-grade velvet antler and American ginseng root.

This supplement is $59 and $54 for auto ship option where they ship to you every month something like that. I never done auto ship before so can't say much on it..

About superflex pet formula velvet antler..
Each supplement tablet contains 500 mg of NATRAflex Premium Velvet Antler and 25 mg of American Ginseng

I ordered the green lipped mussel supplement today and I plan to order the superflex in a few days I'm expecting a book thing on it so I'm being hopeful there is a coupon with it. haha

If not I don't mind paying full price be worth it for Saya's health.

I'll be sure to post when the products come and how Saya likes the taste the superflex is a chewable so we'll see I might have to disguise it ah well she loves caned fish and plain greek yogurt and I got ground meat I can thaw out and mix it in.

If I notice any improvements I'll post too.

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