Wednesday, May 16, 2012


When feeding raw some dogs can do fine with small bits and some will swallow whole a piece.

If the dog is gulper best option is to feed bigger item and take away once the dog ate enough. Feeding item frozen can help too or in a long different shape like a L shape or V.

Saya eats pretty good, but with boneless and ground items I feed frozen as precaution she eats thawed boneless, organs and ground pretty fast. So I feed those frozen so she takes it slower.

I fed a premade raw once thawed and she took big chunk and coarse it was too much so she regurgitated it and then chewed it properly.

For items like pork shoulder roast or leg of lamb or lamb shank I feed thawed the item are pretty big so it's harder work for her to eat it.

Once when she was still new to raw she was used to chicken, beef liver, and pork I gave her pork rib tips she had them before, but this time she swallowed it whole she thought it was piece of boneless pork she also regurgitated it and re chewed it properly crunching the bone up.

Here's example of meal good for Bella a chicken quarter and beef heart. Sometimes she'd get boneless meat or beef tongue or tiny bit of liver or kidney.

Saya can also eat a quarter usually she eats half of it sometimes she'll eat the whole thing depends.

Bella also eats pork ribs pretty good too and pork shoulder roasts.

Holding the item can help prevent gulping too, but some dogs would get nervous with that.

Bella when she was starting out with her raw treat I'd give her chicken quarters frozen and then after while I gave it thawed out and she did good about eating not fast.

Cuting boneless into small pieces can help to, but I prefer to freeze the 5oz of meat slows her down enough.

Each dogs are different so some might do good with frozen and some might need it cut into small bites.


  1. I started to cut all boneless meat and organs to small pieces, cause Maya would just swallow them whole. Most of the time she's fine, but once in a while she'll regurgitate and it's just not fun cleaning the carpet.

  2. Yeah Saya will swallow organs whole too, but with boneless steaks she'd eat it fine, but bit fast.

    I like feeding big items helps make meal longer.