Monday, August 20, 2012

Madison shiba picnic 2012

Saya loves staying at hotels
Saturday 18th we went to Madison WI for a shiba picnic I'm from Lafayette, IN so it was a good drive about 4hours maybe bit more.

Event went well and Saya met some shiba inu and enjoyed the event. She was bit snarky at this event last year she growled to tell dogs to back off if they were too much for her now she did it just being to close.

I need work with her to get her used to dogs more so she knows not all are going to hurt her like the lab, husky and pit.. I dunno if it's way she walks or if the dogs know she is weak or what..

Dogs at the dog park always seem to sniff her more then Bella or other dogs which is odd. She hates to be sniffed for long periods of time. I find quick greetings she prefers.. I dunno just guessing.

Maybe since she is raw fed the dogs smell she eats different food or she smells different due to her diet? I dunno..

Anyways back to the meet up.

One of the raffle items they had cream ones not sure on red ones maybe.. It's from Inaridou's (soft) shiba kennel
Cute shiba artwork for auction
I loved the items at auction  I wished I bid on more stuff, but I didn't want to not enough room for the artwork and I'm not into jewelry.

 I wanted the blanket and the red shiba art, but thought I'd just get fox artwork and some dog car seat thing..
Guts the shiba from shibaforums
Handsome red shiba.
Guts and Gidget
Rowdy B&T shiba pups
These two B&T pups played so rough they had to be separated for a bit.

Shiba play so rough probably why so many owners are scared of shiba

When I say afraid many people at my dog park would get concerned over Saya's playstyle they thought she was being mean.. At that time she was friendly to all good dogs. Sadly she isn't like that anymore due to bad incidents with dog owners who don't belong at a dog park.

She takes while to get used to new dogs, but shiba inu she seems to do better with then other breeds.

She played with some for a bit which for other dogs usually take two or three meetings before she feels comfy enough to play.

This shiba here loved getting attention loved pets. Beautiful red shiba. :)
Gin red girl shiba, Koshi Shikoku girl, and Levi Sesami shiba
This is my third time meeting these dogs and their owners. I really love the three and enjoy talking with them. :)

Levi looks happy

Gin has such cute expressions she is such a sweet shiba girl.

Saya met Lucy last year at the meetup in 2011. She is such a cute red shiba girl. :)

Lucy and Saya in 2011
Saya did really good with Lucy actually.

When Saya played with the group of shiba inu it happened quick it was hard for me to tell who she was tangoing with, but still nice she played nice for a bit though she did get snarky some.. :\

Ah well. She seems to have a smaller space bubble this year then in 2011. I hope she will do better in 2013. I plan on working with her I'd like for her to be able to enter the dog park so she can play off leash with the shiba inu.

Here's me posing with Gin in 2011 She was such nice shiba Saya didn't mind her since she didn't attempt to sniff her much.

This is Mika I believe Saya got a bit snarky with greeting her. :\

Maybe next year she'll do better with her. I guess one good thing with snarky shiba they don't seem to try hurt each other much mostly loud noises and scary faces.

Guts and Gidget
I love Gidget's ruffwear harness I tried one on Saya and she doesn't like it. She doesn't like most harness probably due to her spinal issue. I don't mind she does well on collar doesn't slip out or pull to much.

There was only one cream shiba inu there last year there was two or three I forgot. I think this one was same one last year maybe not I forgot to talk to the owner.

The other cream was from long ways away.

demanding for attention

Despite her defensiveness I think she feels more comfortable this year at the meet up then last year. She drank water no problem. She won't drink water at the dog park due to not feeling so comfy..

I'm glad she loves going to the meet up. At least on raw diet she gets a lot of moisture in her diet so could be why she doesn't drink so much..

Items I got from auction a very nice fox artwork and dog car cushion thing.. Also got couple coupons for kong products save 2$ and cards to the artist of the items up for auction.

Saya found a leaf!

Shiba spots Saya.
Saya has such a thick fluffy neck. :)

Saya found this hole and was interested in it.

Puppy learning the leash isn't so bad. The pup did buck and got a bit mad at the leash, but once the kid followed the pup things was good.

Saya was same way as a puppy I followed her mostly and used a treat to get her to follow me and stuff.

End of my picture fest. I had a wonderful time and hope to go next year. There will be a boxer bash in September we might go to that next year too I hope it would be fun. they did lure coursing last time I heard about it I think so that would be fun Bella has good prey drive. Saya does too.

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