Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday dog food purchase

Today we went to the farmer's market Saya had a lot of fun meeting people and kids she met a little toddler she loved.

Farmer's market doesn't  allow dogs in the market, but it's OK if they're in the sidewalk which is fine by me she still gets to mee people who likes dogs.

A lot of distractions people, musicians, and so on. She did well during training watching me when asked, sit, and come when called. I didn't let her off leash I just told her to stay went to end of her leash then asked her to come and she came right away.

So sad they don't allow dogs, but I understand due to rude dog owners who bring their dog who don't behave well or are scared in the crowd.

Saya she does fine in crowds she follows me and when I'm getting stuff at the stall I have her sit and she stays sitting and won't bother people unless they show interest in her.
Saya waiting for me when I got stuff this was from another time though.
The other farmer's market it allows dogs, but it's on wednesday and mom works long hours during the week so we can't go then.

I'm fine with that Saya still enjoys it and it helps get her used to noise like music and people.
We went to butcher and I got her 10lbs of chickens hearts for $16 which is a good deal. Should last Saya for while. Yummy.
We also headed to a dog grooming place to check it out has some nice items like dog collars, leashes, harness and dog bathing stuff, brushes and even the honest kitchen.

I got the Love formula Saya tried the Keen formula and Love she seemed to like the Love formula more, but she ate both find.

Though I did screw up and added bit more water then the free sample asked for made it really soupy so probably filled her up. Good to be hydrated though. hehe
I still love raw diet I don't think she'll ever be off of it, but I thought the honest kitchen be nice for small snack and to put her joint supplements in. I enjoy raw and it's helped Saya a lot with her health.

Plus if we ever go camping it's make a nice meal. I'll probably add caned sardines with it for more yummy food too.

Here's a cute picture showing how tired Saya was.

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