Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wet dog food mix

I decided to make up some wet dog food or whatever..

For Bella I plan to use it as a kibble topper. For Saya I'll use it to put her joint supplements in them.

She likes the green lipped mussel powder will lick it up, but the elk velvet antler stuff she doesn't like it so much there was couple times she ate it without it being covered, but I rather stick it in something and she gets it right away.
Bella's is on the left and Saya's is on the right. It looks kinda like caned dog food. hehe

Here's what I used for the meat stuff:
1 can of sardines with the water,
1 can of tuna drained of water,
3 cans of salmon drained of water,
1 beef heart,
4 2.24oz each of liver,
3 2.24oz each of beef kidney,
1 2.24oz of beef thymus
5 bags of cooked chopped turkey it had bits of turkey liver, heart, or gizzards in it too.
4 scrambled eggs boild eggs probably be fine too.
close up
Day before I had cooked up some sweet potatoes just few small slices, celery, carrots, green pepper, and zucchini. ground the veggies up then cooked red raspberries, blueberries, and peaches and ground the fruit up and mixed both the veggies and fruit together.

I also mixed the caned fish then. I'd probably would have done 1 caned sardines and 4 caned salmon instead of 3 caned salmon and 1 of tuna.. Tuna is more high in mercury, but The dogs don't get tuna at all pretty much so I don't think it'd hurt next time I'll be sure to get more salmon or sardines.

The veggies and fruit aren't needed I don't think, but I had a bunch of zucchini and other veggies so I took one of each and cut up and cooked to use for it.

Fun thing with this you can do it anyway you want dog allergic to turkey no need to add it sensitive to beef no need for it can just put turkey liver and whatever protein OK with or chicken liver etc.

Today I cooked the meat I used coconut oil to cook it so it wouldn't stick.

I cooked the heart, liver, kidneys, and thymus first and once the organs were soft enough I cut it on a plate and put back in the skillet to cook more.

I cooked it frozen so took a bit especially the heart since it was thicker then liver or thymus.

The heart probably weight 4oz or so maybe 5oz I forgot to weigh before cooking it.

Once everything was cooked through I put it all on a plate cut bigger items into small chunks and put the turkey in the pan to cook some and then put in our small cheap grinder we got it for free from my sister in law it's nothing fancy.
Once the organs was grounded I put it in big bowl and by then the turkey was thawed and ready to be grounded too I kept the liquid in the pan and put the eggs in the pan with the liquid and stired it as needed.

I mixed the cooked organs and turkey and then put the eggs in grinder once cooked. I then mixed the meat all together and then mixed in the meat into the veggie, fruit, and fish mix they each got same spoon fulls each time so they got about same amount of stuff.

Once each dogs stuff was thoroughly mixed in I rolled Saya's into balls and put them into a ziplock to freeze so I can take out easily.

The dog meat ball things weighed from .50oz, .60oz to 1.06oz or so.

I plan to use them as training treats and to put her elk velvet antler supplement in so she eats it fine.

I tested it with Saya this noon and took her out to potty and did some recall with it. She came right away as usual and even better she did it faster then she usually does.

Though as a training treat it's messy as can be. I probably could make it more like biscuit and added wheat flour or coconut flour and cook it in oven..

I don't mind the messiness I can use it in the front, back or on the trails so I can easily go in the house to wash my hands.
This is how I freeze them in the ziplock it's a bit more work, but it makes it easier to just grab a round bit of treat.. I do same with her raw meat, bone in items, and organs works great for me though takes a while especially if I have a lot of stuff to portion out. Luckily two big ziplock was good enough to fill all Saya's treats in.

There is a bit left over in her container, but I'll use it for yummy treat or training..

I might do same for Bella and make in bigger balls so I just need take out of freeze set in dog bowl and let it thaw then put kibble on top or let her eat it frozen for nice cool summer treat.
Ziplock is now full and sitting in up stairs freezer till it's frozen solid. I'll put it down in the chest freeze once done.
Left over stuff. I might put them into ball shape and freeze once the current ones are done freezing..

I'll rotate giving her plain Greek yogurt, egg, ground meat or this ball to give her joint supplement.
Saya such a good girl waiting for me to get done so she can taste test. She helped clean the dirty plate and big bowl. :)

I'm no do food expert so don't know how nutritionally balanced the stuff it I'll have to check nutrient data site to see.

I feel i should be fine to give as a yummy kibble topper or small snack or treat. If it was a meal I'd probably make it differently or not I feed things in variety so the dogs wouldn't get this for full week as a meal if I were to feed it..

The treats despite having heart, liver, kidney, and thymus in it plus caned fish smells pretty good!I think the coconut oil help with it. hehe

Oh yeah my 1gallon of coconut oil came today! I still have the quart of it left so I plan to use that up before opening the gallon. I might do is when the quart is gone I'll put coconut oil from the gallon into the quart jar so I don't have huge bucket in the kitchen.. Plus small jar is easier to handle.. hehe

I plan to give a little to Saya each day about 2 teaspoons daily.. She really loves the taste of it and eats it like it's candy. probably is it has a light coconut taste.

She also loves coconut flakes I have kind that is natural and unsweetened so safe for dogs.

The flakes don't seem to digest fully in dogs after few good rains coconut flakes is all that is left, but who knows they might digest it some.

She doesn't get the flakes that much just once a month or so for training.

I look forward to cook with coconut oil more then canola or olive. I think it'll make yummier food.

I cooked veggies, chicken and even a egg with it tastes good. Well the egg I dunno, but thought I'd give it a try.

This is the kind of coconut oil I have, but used one from walmart it was nice too. There are many different brands out there too.

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