Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Saya got a chicken quarter Sunday

I gave Saya a chicken quarter Sunday and got video of it. took it with my 3ds so it only recorded so much so it's in three parts.

part one 3:40 minutes

Part two 2:56 minutes

part three 0:49..

I haven't been feeding chicken too much which I really need to get some Saya does like it.

Being such big meal she got a small meal on Monday.

Turns out the farmer I'm getting chicken feet from forgot to email me to let me know she has enough so I sent email asking if she had them and she forgot.

Anyways I'll be picking them up this Saturday so Saya should be happy to get chicken feet again. I'm going to have her save turkey feet too.

Sadly she can't save the heads due to regulations and junk which is too bad. :\

Ah well chicken feet and turkey feet is nice thing either way. Turkey feet are really big probably too much bone for Saya, but make a nice treat for Bella and Saya can have some too one foot probably last her whole week I never seen turkey foot in person so not sure how big it is.

I also found a source of bone in goat for decent price about same price as lamb not bad, but bit more then usual items. I got 4lbs of it and good thing it's already individually frozen so I can take a bit out.

I'm getting a lot of chicken feet so freezing them individually will be fun!  I've been saving the bags from our bread for the turkey feet in case their bigger then normal ziplocks..
Chicken feet yummy!
I plan get more chicken and turkey feet at October since she stops selling stuff at end of October need enough to last winter and some spring..

I also need get some more kidneys and liver too since farmer market ends sometime after fall forgot when..

I really need my own freezer right now I share with my parent's, but even though mom recently gave me the bigger part of the chest freeze I somehow managed to fill it up.

Right now I'm mainly just looking for good deal on one or good one from craigslist.

If I had my own freeze then Bella could have raw more often since I can make a Saya and Bella area so I can find both dog's food easily without taking one or the other..

For now my parent's freeze is fine.. Once I get room I hope to get some beef scrap from the meat processor or order from hare today. then get some blue ridge beef tripe..

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