Sunday, September 9, 2012

Posing Saya

Not much to post I got Saya and Bella some yummy Canadian goose and dove my dad got it actually someone he knows hunt them.. Guess he doesn't eat them because he gives us tons..

I plan to try dove see how it taste there is plenty for everyone.. lol Saya and Bella should be happy.

One good thing to report while doing chores outside we were out for atleast 3hours maybe less or more I didn't keep track.

Saya did her usual look for rabbits and Bella ran around and had fun. Before mom went inside with Bella Saya got excited and went play with Bella who was running around.

It was nice seeing her happy running after Bella. For while she was being snarky with Bella ever since we got them back from boarding.

I'm glad Saya is not fully recovered from the boarding.

I'm so glad Saya is so well behaved and can be outside with me she behaves so well.

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