Monday, September 17, 2012

ID tags came!

Bella and Saya's ID tags came today! I liked the shipping speed ordered them Friday 14 and got them Monday 17.

I got Saya a size medium and Bella Large they fit on their collars good.
I went back and forth between different neat looking id tags off of some the id tags looked very nice and neat. So hard to choose, but I worried if they'd be durable..

A lot of etsy ones cost $20 or so..

The boomerang collar tags are only $10.20 or 10.99 for the ones for thicker collars and 9.20 for cat collars..

The price includes shipping too which is nice also got a discount for getting two id tags $1.02 off of it so it cost $19.38 instead of $20.40.
They have a type of guarantee too which is nice.

We guarantee your satisfaction with a Boomerang Tag. If you are not happy with a tag you receive from us, for any reason, merely include a brief description of the reason and return it for a complete refund. In almost all cases, if a tag you receive from us breaks, or the lettering wears off, we will replace the tag free of charge. A replacement tag may only be exactly the same as the original tag, with the same text engraving. Changes are not allowed (e.g., to pet name, phone number, or address) on a warranty replacement tag. Click here for the full terms.

I like the quality so far we'll see how it does in two years or so.

If it lasts probably only reason I'd need to order another one if I got another dog or moved to have new address on it.
Closer up of the ID on the collar. I painted Saya on it with my PC so it doesn't have any cute shiba decor on the tag..

It is easy to put on, but I didn't try take it off probably hard to take it off from the looks, but if need be I'm sure I can manage to get the ID tag off, but I don't see much reason to remove it.

Which is good since it won't fall off on it's own if it's nice and secure like that.

The site also sells the normal tags you put on the collar so if the dangling kind you want they have it too.

They also have human dog tags for things like medical needs or whatever..

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