Monday, September 10, 2012

ID tags

I'm getting ID tags soon one for Saya and one for Bella.

Bella has kind that attaches to collar sadly it was cheap one and painted on so now is fading..

I never gotten Saya one. I really wished I gotten one sooner it's important for dogs to have ID tags..
Especially if dogs are going to be off leash and stuff..

I'm lucky Saya is such a well behaved shiba and she is good about coming back or listening and not chasing rabbits if I tell her not to.

I'm getting these boomerang tags they seem pretty good and guarantee they won't fall off or fade which is good. 10.20 for the tag is good deal too! They also sell collars that come with the id tags too.

I'll definitely feel bit better with her wearing the ID tag with my name, address and phone number.
I'm also thinking having her bright bandana embroidered with her name and my phone number on it too just for extra ID maybe not thought it'd be another nice option for it.

The tags being on the collar is nice so tags don't jungle too much and don't come off in the woods. Though Saya has gone hiking in my woods on leash and off Bella too and so far they haven't lost any tags.. ah well.

I'll probably be ordering this soon can't wait to review them hope they fit right.

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