Friday, July 18, 2014

Honest kitchen preference thoughts

Saya enjoying the sun.
I bought preference while back to try just made kibble topper for Bella and snack for Saya.. I mixed with with home made broth, meat, egg, and stuff. Dogs loved it.

This last week I had Bella on it for her meals to see how she does with it and so far she loves it.

I got ground meat, ground chicken and chicken gizzards for the meat portion and made enough for the week. I kept three days worth out and froze the rest to take out as needed.

She also got a chicken quarter, beef kidney and some chicken heart for dinner one day and today she gets chicken foot, chicken liver, green tripe, and little bit of chicken hearts for dinner.

So far her she likes it and her #2 is good no issues with it.  I gave her egg with breakfast twice a week and added fish oil daily.

Honest kitchen is taking out alfalfa out of the formulas and with the preference formula they're adding green peas in it's place. With the other formula they're increasing the other ingredients a bit to make up the amount of alfalfa taken out..   Link to information about this.

In kibble side of things..

Bella will be on her second bag of farmina chicken & ancestral grains kibble. Chewy was out of stock so I went with Never ordered from them before, but they look good even has free shopping bag with purchase.

Prices are decent and do have coupons $10 for new customers. free shipping for certain states. Coarse Indiana isn't on it, but the shipping isn't too bad compared to one site I was checking.

The bag of kibble seems to last for very long time since I've been giving more fresh food. Stocked up on some ground beef as it was on good price and bought more chicken quarters. Bella still has plenty liver and kidneys so got some gizzards.

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  1. Hello!

    Saya is an extremely beautiful shiba! May I ask if you breed her still or does she have any children who are bred?

    Hugs and kisses from me & my appenzellers! <3