Monday, September 8, 2014

First MPC order

Pig foot they got last week
I'm going to make order at mypetcarnivore soon! They have a drop off that is pretty close to my house.

Never ordered from them before and finally got room in freeze. I'm still bit undecided on what to get.

I plan to probably just do small order see how that goes. I plan to do the ground beef tripe supreme would make nice breakfast or part of a meal. Dogs had tripe before and loved it. I like that the supreme has other stuff in it too.

I also plan to get some beef spleen and beef pancreas and probably goat spleen too. nice to add some variety from the other organs.

I plan to try Raw paws too they have some nice items that look yummy. Well for a dog that is.

I'm hoping with trying these two places I'll be able to get Bella on more raw. So far she only gets raw as dinner two to four times a week. I also give her bit of either, ground, gizzard, hearts, liver, or egg with her kibble for nice topper.

Bella's my parent's dog, but I take care of her most of the time. She's nice dog and loves people and loves to run. 
pig foot :D
The pig foot I got from farmer's market. I asked the farmer if he could get me some whole to try. He says the processor usually splits them, but he said he'd ask if they could do couple whole for me to try.

Last week I fed them coarse they got some boneless and bit of organ with it. They didn't get to eat the whole foot as it's a lot of bone.

Today Bella gets her half with some liver, ground turkey, beef rocky mountain oyster, and bit of chicken gizzards. Saya will get her's later.

I've never done the co op or MPC type thing before. I've ordered from hare-today which I enjoy their selections.

I think it'll be worth it to order from these two places the items they have are nice almost hard to decide what to get.

Maybe one of the times I'll try picking up a MPC order from their place to check it out.


  1. I love MPC!! I like Raw Paws, but they recently changed from a CoOp model to a business model, and have jacked up their prices on a lot of things. makes me sad.

  2. Too bad their prices went up. :\

    I guess it's bound to happen eventually.