Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snow is on the mind!

It snowed day before Yesterday. :D

Saya is happy. Coarse it's sunny here so it's melting away. :\

Saya and Bella loved it of coarse.
Her recall is still good in the snow and when distracted by following rabbit scents.

I did a lot of practice with her on recall on and off.
Used fish fudge yummy.
I had mom pick up some raw smelt while she was at the butcher as I've been out and they make yummy small meals or snacks for the dogs.
We had a nice walk in the woods after we were done in the yard. The winds we had blew our trash cans all over luckily no trash in those. One was in the front yard other back.

Saya had a bit of off leash time in the trails. did some recall training and stuff and then we continued walk on leash.

We found some deer tracks and where they had lay down too. :D

Only wild life I saw was a rabbit which ran off.

I'm glad we got a nice snow I enjoyed it. :)
Bella coarse needed a dog coat since it was chilly she looks like a neapolitan ice cream..
This video is pretty cute and how that is a lot of snow! Saya would disappear in that.

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