Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First post!

Well today will be my first post I kept meaning to blog about my experiences with Saya my first shiba inu, but I never got around to it and well Saya is 10months now and almost 11months.

She is my first shiba inu I've been wanting one for 14 or so years she is my first shiba inu I've ever met up close my second was her brother of coarse which he was so cute I hope he's doing well also my third shiba inu is a red shiba named Rukia I met her at the park during a dog charity walk.

As a puppy Saya is an angel she never bitten me hard she'll playfully bite, but not too hard. She also gives me shiba hugs as I call it I need to get a picture of her doing it.. lol

Well lets fast forward to today for now Saya is now being fed prey modal raw which right now she is still transitioning to she's eating chicken thighs and raw eggs I guess I was being too much of a newb in this new diet and gave Saya some Denver lamb ribs for breakfast and dinner which she loves lamb ribs.

Monday is when I started her first day on raw in the morning she got a chicken thigh and dinner was leftover chicken thigh from breakfast and another chicken thigh she ate the whole bone in one of the chicken thighs and just ate the meat on the other. She is pretty amazing at crunching up her bone.

Tuesday she got chicken thigh and some Denver lamb rib, dinner was chicken thigh and lamb ribs.

Wednesday for breakfast she got a mixture of canned salmon with one and a half sardine in it all mix up with her seameal powder mixed in and she ate a little bit of her lamb rib and for dinner she got the rest of the fish mixture and the rest of her lamb ribs and she ate a chicken thigh.

So far she's doing well on this diet and she is still in transition so now that the lamb ribs are gone she is on all chicken till she's settled.

The grocery store has some good deals on chicken and pork so I hope to stock up on some chicken and some pork for when I introduce a new protein I'm probably going to introduce organs first I plan to make a order from haretoday I was going to order tripe, but I think I'll wait till the next time I order and once I see how she likes the things I've ordered for her.

I'll try to blog more often and add some nice pictures of Saya.

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