Friday, August 26, 2011

Madison Wisconsin shiba inu picnic pictures

The  Madison WI shiba meet up was a success we had lots of fun. Saya played with Tesla she is from dogster she is also a pup from Hi jinx shiba inu.

She met Lucy from the shiba inu forums at first she wasn't into her barking, but I had her meet Lucy again and they got along good and played which I'm glad they did.

Saya did get bit snarky with Koshi the shikoku and Levi the shiba inu she did better with them then last year so maybe next year she'll do better with them.. She met Gin and did well Gin is pretty calm and shy so she didn't pay attention to Saya or tried to play right away so Saya liked her.

We won a basket at the raffles comes with bunch blue moon dog treats, missing link, poop bag and poop bag holder, and some bandanas. I won a shiba water bottle will be put to use once I get a job..

After the meet up we went to the dog park and had a good walk around it. I love that dog park very big much more fun then mine actually can walk with your dog and have fun..

Here's the Madison, WI shiba picnic 2011 pictures.

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