Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Here's a interesting article that goes into about post traumatic stress for dogs that come from puppy mills. Puppy mills leave lasting emotional scars, study finds.

Thanks to midranger4 from shiba inu forums.

 I've never owned a puppy mill dog  so can't say for sure on my experiences, but it does make sense.

 It also makes sense even when the mill is clean the dog still suffers mentally because even though where it lives is clean and it has food water and vet care the dog still has many needs not being met.

They are still in small living conditions, no exercise except for pacing in the cage or spinning in circle, and no socialization or human interactions.

Even if a mill is clean that doesn't make it right how on earth is a breeder able to give the dog a healthy happy life with they own 50 or 200 dogs or so!

Just doesn't seem right. I hope one day in the future mills will be shut down there's too many dogs in the shelter to get one from a mill.

If you want one from a breeder don't be impatient take your time researching the breeder and meeting them and their dogs.

No puppy mill get their puppies from good breeder because who in right mind would send their puppies off to some store to be sold to people they don't even know!

A good breeder should care for their dogs, should only have an amount they can take care of without cutting corners, they should feed their dogs decent quaility kibble, home cooked diet or raw diet.

Health testing is important too.

A good breeder doesn't always have to show their dog it's a plus though, but some breeders work their dogs through agility, nose work, hunting and so on. depending on the breed.

One shouldn't rush into things it might be a great idea at the time, but later you might regret it.

Initial price from a good breeder can be high sometimes, but in the end it usually works out for the better because a good breeder who puts in time to socialize and expose their puppies to different things before they go to their homes makes a difference.

Coarse the breeder selling the dog for highest price is not always better either. If you can try to visit them yourself to see how they do things and ask as many questions as you want to. 

The breeder should ask you questions too because you might bring home one of their pups so the breeder will want to be sure your ready for a boxer, shiba, akita, husky, lab or whatever breed you are getting..

I hope I covered everything and sorry if it's written sloppy.. :\

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