Thursday, October 13, 2011

Random talk

Shiba inu loves fall and winter
I really love this picture I look at it and it shows what I like about fall. Leaves!

Only downside ticks are coming back seems they don't like the dry heat, but now it's getting cooler and wet they're coming back.

I will just have to check Saya even more then usual! I put tick/flea stuff on her, but I still don't trust it plus I feel better if I can get it off right after our walks.. I also check before bed. Crazy, but ah well Saya has learned to tolerate the handling.

Saya after she is done blowing her coat
With this picture it's neat seeing how thin she looks her neck shows more and well now she has her under coat which makes her neck look much thicker then what it is.

She is slowly starting to shed she'll probably be done by the time it gets really cold.

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