Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fun Hike.

On the 24th we had a fun hike. We also had another nice hike day or two ago it was 2hours long and we explored a lot.

The Jan 24th walk I took my camera so got few fun pictures. :)
It was cold so Bella had two coats on. I had a long sleeve shirt, and two sweaters to keep warm.

I think it was 12F maybe 7F hard to tell some wind made it bit colder. Woods was not too bad.
We had fun walking around we walked the trails six times to warm up then headed into the woods to explore some.
Shiba shake time!

Bella does great on leash though she has her moments still pulls sometimes. She has improved so much since she was a tiny crazy boxer.

She is much better behaved then my neighbor's lab/mastiff mix who wanders, chase cars and doesn't listen to her owners..

Bella knows to not chase neighbor's cars as they pass by. Good Bella. :)
Saya checking out a hole here not sure if it is occupied or not so I make sure she doesn't linger for long.
Saya far off coming when called she is taking her time smelling things as she walks towards me.
This picture hard to see as it is small, but the yellow circle shows where Saya is.. Her orange bandana helps me spot her plus her bells help too.
We then walked around the trail area in the second field then headed for the woods again, but went down the hill.
Saya coarse rushed down to check things out.
I had called Saya once she came then headed back down to check stuff again.
Shiba butt
Saya wandered off a bit. Checking the place out.
Den of the dragon!
When Saya was going ahead of me while me and Bella walked down she was checking this out.. Once I got down I told her to leave it and we wandered off.
Saya checked things out she has sniff anything she thinks needing it. I was down here where the water is well now it's a small frozen water.

The water is mostly dried up few frozen patches
I was heading off and called her she checked the tree a bit then did shiba shake and finally came.
dog prints? or cat? I forgot how big it was..

Saya was in heaven exploring things the place. climbing all over the place.

This little ravine here two tires in the picture.. :(

If I climbed the rocks there is 9 or so more tires, metal barrel, and some other crap.

No pictures of that as I had no time to climb it to get pictures as I needed get home as parent's needed me.
Saya putting her mountain skills to use.. she went up and down with ease.

Another picture of the tires.. A bit above that there is a metal wagon like a rusted radio flyer or whatever.
Saya is off! Wee! Billy goat Saya..
Saya had fun climbing up. Coarse up there just leads to the second field area so it's no where new.

I let Saya have fun a bit and then called her since I had head home bit earlier then plan.
Saya such a speed demon. We headed for home Saya did walk back to the ravine, but I headed to her called her again and she was like oh fine and followed us home. I felt same way, but sometimes gotta call fun walks short..

What is sad my dad didn't really need the money when he got back he gave it back to me. So we could have hiked bit longer.

Ah well. Que sera sera~! :)
I got good pictures of my neighbor's trash.. :( A yellow kids slide.
This here is a jacuzzi I'm guessing? Lovely.

I can't believe people would just dump this junk in the woods.

The neighbor's are the ones who have the lab/mastiff mix who is rude and annoying.
Over flow from my pond drains into here. Been cold so it froze.
Little bird nest on the way out of the woods cool.
Saya on the way.
Bella had fun walk she got a bit silly and covered herself up.
Bella you know better that is the nice blanket you don't play with it! Silly boxer.

I told her leave it and she proceeded to rub against the couch.
Silly face.
Bella was being silly and rubbing on a couch and even moved it around while mom was sitting on it! haha
Saya she was tired so she hanged around chilling. She was tired from all the running and climbing. I'm proud of my little country shiba. :)
Saya was off leash the whole time thought this time was more shorter walk. The hike we did day or two ago was two hours and she was off leash then.

We did more stuff too hiking in trails then the woods and then down the hill then we went to the first field and head for the ravine area by where the power lines are. That is where I saw the barrel and 9 or so tires. Crazy what people dump..

I don't know if it was the person who lived here before us or who knows maybe people around the area thought it was OK to dump their crap down the ravine. I mean no one is going to walk down there!

I headed down there and Saya was a bit behind she was lagging a bit from climbing all over in the woods and stuff.

When she caught up she had fun sniffing things. There was evidence of deer, tracks and poop..

I found the arrow my dad got into the ravine on accident so I got that and climbed up from a different way. I saw some den looking things not sure what kind maybe rabbit? coyote? skunk? I don't know. Saya sniffed it a bit and I told her lets go and she kept going and we then walked the first field trails and headed home.

The first hike was nice would been more nicer to get pictures, but I didn't bring it then. I didn't think I'd go to the ravine.

I need get a nice tough small camera. The nice camera takes great pictures, but being nice I worry if I fall or trip I'd break it.
Bella had a fun time messing the room up with toy fluff.. haha

Saya and Bella are such good dogs we are lucky to have the two. Both have taught me a lot.

Saya is my best bud.

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