Wednesday, January 30, 2013

more on The honest kitchen

Saya loves to fetch items here she got me a bag of coffee I sat somewhere for her to get.

Saya still eats prey model raw, but I do give The honest kitchen dog food:love formula.

She gets is mainly as a snack, or small meal or part of her days meal. I sometimes add things in like a egg mixed with it or caned fish, caned pumpkin or mix of all three or two..
yummy dog soup.. hehe Saya enjoys honest kitchen she has had the turkey one as a sample and liked it.

I got the Love formula as I liked it's ingredients the turkey one was good to.

Saya has no food allergies that I know of so I guess either one would be good to feed.

Saya has had no stomach issue with it and seems digest it fine.

I plan to try the zeal next once the love formula is done with.

Saya loves fish so I'm sure she'll enjoy it.

I don't give it because I think her raw diet is lacking, but mainly to have on hand for emergency, or if say I go camping for few days or whatever the food would be fed instead of raw. Just add water and let sit for a bit then feed..

I plan to get a 2lb bag of ziwipeak for training treats and ziwipeak can be fed as a meal too..

So combo of honest kitchen and ziwipeak would be nice for camping and stuff like that..

Also I feel having this dehydrated food is good to have in case something happens and power goes out for long time you know a blizzard, tornado or whatever.

I would feed kibble if needed, but I like the honest kitchen food and ziwipeak over kibble.

Saya has had ziwipeak for a bit and enjoyed it.

Both foods are pretty pricey though, but since Saya is small it lasts her decent amount plus she is only getting it as a snack or small meal so it lasts even longer.

I do give it to Bella as a yummy kibble topper and she loves it.

I sometimes even give her half kibble and a bit more of the honest kitchen.

I prefer raw more as it gives Saya a nice workout while kibble, honest kitchen or ziwipeak she eats those more faster.

Unless she is eating liver she eats that really fast.

At least with ziwipeak I can just put a days meal in a zip lock and use as training treats instead of feeding it in a bowl so she works for her breakfast and dinner..

I plan to check some recipe from the honest kitchen cook book and make something soon. Salmon recipe in it looks yummy.

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