Friday, June 14, 2013

Cost of things in May

Cost of things in May
  • FOOD: $45
  • TREATS: $0
TOTAL: $45

This May we went to farmer market. I got some dog treats from these one people they sell dog treats and also got into making people treats cupcakes. Link to their website here Cattle dog bakery

They sell at the farmer's market and various events.

I didn't count it as mom paid for it I also bought $10 worth of ewe liver, beef liver, and ewe heart with the money for Bella.

Saya I had gotten her two packs of beef liver since I was getting low, three beef hearts and two beef tongues all for $45.
Bella's beef liver, ewe liver, and ewe hearts
Saya's beef heart, beef liver, and beef tongue
Mom also gotten some veggies and cupcakes for the humans yummy.
Picture below shows how I prep the meat I portion into sizes and put into ziplock so it freezes individually.
I plan to eventually get a upright freezer or maybe chest still going back in forth on which I'd like.

I like chest as it can fit a lot and cold doesn't escape to easily when open, but upright is very nice for organization and I can portion big items much quicker..

Be nice to have easier organization have shelf for Saya stuff and Bella's stuff.  ah well we'll see..

Having a freezer of my own would be nice so I can stock up on things from places like mypetcarnivore, rawpaws, and few other places. Probably could switch Bella to raw full time with a dog freezer..

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