Friday, May 31, 2013

Garden finally planted

A bit late on the blog post, but finally got veggies planted. I have peppers, tomatoes, broccoli and planted some pepper seeds.

Also have spinach, lettuce, basil and parsley planted by the house.
Saya hanged with me while I planted mainly looking under the shed for animals and then lay on the dirt for a bit.

Few days later something ate one of the broccoli and so I had mom get pepper spray. We always forget the spray when we buy these plants..

So far three broccoli have been chewed on three are OK. I have the pepper spray on them so hopefully the rabbit or whatever animal stops.

I want to fence the whole garden eventually make it easier on keeping rabbits out.

I cute some of the spinach for egg omelatte and it tasted pretty good with it. Can't wait for the lettuce and spinach to grow good so can have it as salad.
finally gotten decent picture of the crawfish in the hole. They usually go down it pretty quickly.

The holes are not even in by the pond its on the side of the yard that stays bit more wet.


  1. Nice variety in your garden!

  2. Thanks Sadly something ate all the broccoli, one pepper, and one tomato.. :( Well the pepper and tomato they just chewed it and left it all on the ground didn't eat it.

    So we finally caved and built a fence around the garden we should have done it in first place.

    We even sprayed pepper spray on the plants and it still ate the stuff. Ah well.

    I think it was either an opossum, groundhog or muskrat.