Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cost of things in April

Pear blossoms.
  • FOOD: $3.99
  • TREATS: $0
  • VET/MEDICAL: $178.98
TOTAL: $182.96

Food:Bought a pack of pacific saury it was kind without the head and organs. I plan to try cooking one or two and give the rest to Bella and Saya. four fish in it so not bad price.

Found nice looking recipe for this kind of fish so I'm interested in trying it plus lots of asparagus growing in my garden so free veggies to have with it.

Treats:No treat purchases this month I'm down to one bag of fish fudge so I'll make some soon which I have all ingredients so no cost to buy anything.
Accessories: No toys or accessories yet

Vet/Meds:Vet visit went fine Saya got weighed(21.60lbs)
Complete physical exam:$42 used to be $31 or $35 last visit guess things gone up.
HW Ag/Lyme,Ehrlichia Test:$38
Heartguard Sm 6months supply:$40.98
Fecal test for parasites were gone, but paid for it already from last visit forgot price..

I think I'll be changing vets soon as service isn't as good. The staff are good with the dogs, but with listening to the owners they are lacking in it.

The receptionist asked if we wanted to give lyme vaccine, k9 influenza shot, bordetella plus the rabies and DHLPP..

I said I don't want to give those just the rabies..

The lady said OK.

I see the vet brought in rabies vaccine and another type of vaccine it was the DHLPP which I asked if she could just get the Rabies as I'm following the AHHA vaccine protocol guidelines.

"Revaccinate 1 yr after initial vaccination
and then at 3 yr intervals with
a 3 yr rabies vaccine as
for pet animals as long as the
dog remains in the facility."
 I figured the vet having AHHA accredited would mean he would know what I meant.

He went on how I'm wrong and not vaccinating at all is bad and how parent's are doing the same with their own kid's etc.

Since I haven't bought a tick/flea preventive in long time from them he asked if we need any.

I told him about Saya having reaction to k9 advantix 2 how she lost outer coat due to it. It's now grown back so it's not bad look wise.

He goes why not try vectra 3D. I asked about frontline plus as I wanted to try that to see as she didn't react to that, but ticks didn't die, but maybe it'd work since it's been a few years.

Well they no longer carry frontline plus only vectra 3D he said he uses it on his dogs fine no issues and it's waterproof.

I check the vectra 3d box for Bella as mom wanted to try it, but I opted to wait to research the ingredients and stuff.

Box says water resistant not waterproof says on site OK to bath or swim after product dries, but I dunno.

I didn't get it as Saya had reaction with k9advantix and vectra has similar and some same ingredients that k9advantix have so I didn't feel it was worth trying.

I also have been reading that same company that owners hartz also owns vectra 3D so I'm a bit cautious with that.

I'll probably go try frontline plus from petsmart and make a essential oil spray to put on her bandana as repellant. I know essential oils don't work the best compared to chemicals, but better then nothing and it'll be on bandana so easy to take off and on..

So far haven't had tick issues yet.. Bella seems to get them a lot luckily she has zero issues with tick stuff, and she is short coated and white so ticks are spotted quickly.

I don't know what to do right now I'm still researching things and probably by end of this week get frontline plus to try.
Saya wishes I would let her search for rabbit nest, but not this year..
 Grandpa have been doing bit better he remembered my mom and still a bit confused, but better so that is good.

My mom went down to visit my brother's and to see her first granddaughter be born. She'll be there for two weeks from what I hear she is having fun being with them which is good.

I didn't go since saya wouldn't be able to make this trip, but that is fine. I hope to meet her when she is bit older so maybe she'll remember me a tiny bit..

I think my brother might come up sometime this summer since grandpa has been taking a bit downward spiral with health wise so he can visit him.

Grandpa is in no shape to travel by plane or car. Even when he was healthy and strong he didn't want to go down to visit he was too afraid he would die down there like his wife did..

To me if I was him I'd be happy as he really enjoys Louisiana and loved visiting there. I mean if your going to go might as well go where you love visiting.. If you don't die you had great trip visiting with family.

Anyways I'm glad he is doing a bit better I hope my mom's brothers and sister helps more and visits. All mom and her sister ask for them to visit one day a week not every day just one day the minimum and more if you want to. He enjoys watching TV or talking or sitting in the sun room.

Since he is doing better I've had more time to get things done around the house.

I've mostly been weeding the gardens and keeping yard looking decent.

Coarse soon as I get rid of all the weeds by the roots it fills up after a rain. haha
Country weeds are tough to deal with..
Down pour!
Asparagus in the garden is growing good. Cooked bunch this week and tasted yummy.

I need to fully weed the veggie garden then pour the finished compost on it mix it up and plant some stuff soon. As usual the compost was my dad's project he gave up and I took over and kept it going same for the veggie garden he started big veggie gardens didn't keep it up weeds got nuts despite him saying he can handle it.

I learned to not trust him and do it myself. I prefer to pull the weeds as they pop up not when the weeds fill the garden. too hard of work to do. I rather keep ahead of the weeds..

Coarse I only pull the weeds using chemicals work, but since I plan to plant seeds and small veggies I try to go natural route on weed control.

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