Friday, May 17, 2013

Hard work still to come

                                       Today had nice short walk and brought camera pretty flower growing here.

Day before I finally got all the weeds pulled out in the veggie garden and then I burned the dried weeds and dried grass from mowing. Once all the way burned I raked the ashes then spread coffee grounds and finished compost.
Lot of work! I then put the compost that is still composting into the other compost bin I just emptied.
I layered it with dried grass and leaves I saved. layer of compost then layer of grass and leaves and then compost and so on..
Turning the compost helps it compost better also mixing dry items like dried leaves and grass is good if you add too much wet green stuff like fresh grass clippings, fruit, veggie scraps or whatever can't be good.
A good mix of both green stuff and brown stuff is important.

I could be wrong on that, but that's what I've read.

Amazing how the finished compost looks so nice and rich. Before it's banana peels, Jack O lanterns from Halloween, corn husks, dried leaves, ash from burn pile, coffee grounds, tea leaves, and various other scraps from cooking and stuff.

The unfinished stuff I turned was looking good still not fully composted yet, but now I turned it should help.

I plan to get third compost bin can never have too many haha.

It does help keep trash low as any veggie, fruit scraps and coffee grounds goes into it and not the trash. We also add egg shells too.
recent close up of Saya's black tongue spot it's tiny bit bigger..
Saya had good short walk it's gotten pretty warm recently and Saya finally decided to blow her coat few days ago so she is getting nice brushing sessions.

About time too for while she has kept her winter thick coat so she gets bit hot in this warm weather.
Saya spotted a squirrel up a tree it stayed up there doing squirrel things.

Saya was on leash for most part of the walk and on the way to home I took it off she followed and looked up at the tree and stared.

She's into squirrels and has chased and treed them three times and one of the three times she caught up to the squirrel and had a bit of combat with it, but the squirrel fought back and it got to the tree for safety.

She's doing good about not chasing when told not to, but squirrels are pretty dumb even with her and Bella walking in the yard with bells on the squirrels sometimes wander in. Most times they stay away maybe they forget the dogs are there when they come over. hehe

Veggie garden fully weeded and stuff just need to till it up.  I have to weed the pebbles by the house. Dad kept saying he'd do it, but hasn't for week and the area looks yucky..

I'm taking break for a bit since I did heavy lifting on compost and pulling weeds at the garden.

Can't wait to get the weeds in order I wish dad would have helped as I still have weeds to pull in the garden by the apples and blueberries..

Yesterday Saya has had the honest kitchen zeal food and so far she loves it and still no stomach issues.

Today she fasted except for some treats and tomorrow she'll get yummy pig head.Well yummy according to Saya.

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