Wednesday, May 22, 2013

tilled the garden

this pic is before picture haven't taken a after.. I tilled it today dad was supposed to till it, but he is horrible about not doing things he says he will do. He said he'd take care of the weeds at the house for my mom, but it been a week so I had to do it along with other chores I do. Laundry, dishes, weeding the garden and keeping house clean. Bah.

Ah well I kinda prefer it that I do the stuff as I know it'll be done 100%.

The garden looks great all tilled up and just need get plants and seeds to grow. Sadly Grandpa took a bit of turn for worse and had a small stroke which affected him a lot.

When we went to see him he was pretty much paralyzed, then was able to move right leg and squeeze right hand, but left not so good. Then he started to moan like he was trying to talk.

By the time he was moved from ER to main hospital he looked better and could semi talk some and moved left arm and legs better.

It has been a few days and he's much better. Day before Yesterday he passed his swallow test so he could eat pureed food, but still some weakness so he needs to work on strengthening his muscles in his neck.

My mom is pretty tired due to this so we haven't gotten anything to plant for the garden.

Staying at the hospital for 7hours in two days in a row will do that to you.

Anyways hope he gets better.

I plan to cook some deer brats and broccoli maybe some potatoes too for dinner should make mom feel better having a yummy meal.

Saya had honest kitchen zeal today she really liked it so far she does good with it as a snack or meal..

This week I plan to order some beef thymus as I'm out of it and if we go to the farmer's market I'll probably get some beef heart and tongue and lamb kidney if they have it.

I still got decent amount of boneless meat and bone in so mainly need a bit of organs..

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