Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saya approves of zeal

Today Saya had belt fish for breakfast and after our walk I got tiny bit of the THK:Zeal food for nice snack also added in couple spoonfuls of caned mix of caned salmon, sardines, dog food and cooked veggies and two eggs all mixed together.

I'll give her just a snack of zeal tomorrow to see how she likes it alone. From the smell of it hydrated it smelled fine I seen some people complain of the zeal stinking like fish, but I didn't find it too bad.

I mean it's fish formula what do you expect plus can't be too bad..

Saya seemed to enjoy it and she ate it up.
Today is pretty cloudy and cool, but sun comes out once in while. I played with Bella and worked on recall some and she ate dinner. I plan to weed the garden some more had to take a break because it started to rain a decent bit, but now it has stopped so I plan to continue weeding almost have it done.

Saya enjoyed laying in the grass and exploring things.

I hope weather continues to do well.

Tomorrow Saya will get a small boneless steak about 2 or 3oz and bone in dove breast. Yummy. :)

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