Friday, May 9, 2014

Cooking kibble topper..

On April 26th I decided to make some kibble topper for Bella and tiny snack for Saya.

I saved a good bit of random bones a good bit was pork chop bones, pork shoulder bone, a chicken roaster bone, turkey breast bone, and one deer bone. The chicken and turkey is from when we made meal for ourselves it wasn't seasoned so I kept it as it still had bits and pieces of meat on it.

I never use pork chop bones as they're cut and some look pretty sharp. I always have plenty of bone in items so I get pork chops more for boneless items so I remove them. I decided to keep them this time there is nice bit of meat that was bit hard to remove raw..

I decided to boil all the bones in water and once done cooled it down and took a few bones out to get the meat off of them.

I got a good bit of meat off the bones and made nice broth too! I strained it to make sure no cooked bones remained once it was cooled down.

I had gotten a thing of buckwheat groats to cook up. I made them before and dogs got tiny taste and loved it. So I decided to get a thing of it. and used the broth to cook it in after toasting the buckwheat.

Saya stayed here the whole time watching and hoping I'd give her some now, but she had to wait.

Not sure if I make it correctly I follow the directions on the bag, but what I read it should be different.. It could be since I had a lot of broth so it absorbed a lot of it and I did let it cook with the broth for good bit.. Either way the dogs love it and that's all that matters.

I might try different brand next time I can only find arrowhead mill brand at local store. There is another place that sells buckwheat different brand so I might try that first and if it ends same I'll get another. I plan to read up more on how to prepare it better soon.

Dreaming of buckwheat..
I had added four eggs to the buckwheat when I put it in the broth. The dogs love eggs and also added the meat I gotten off the bone to mix in it while cooking. Maybe the addition of eggs is why it looks way it does.

Saya my constant cooking helper..
Next day I seperated the buckwheat in equal portions for Saya in Bella and cooked Bella's portion of deer parts(liver, lung, pancreas, heart) I also cooked up some boneless pork and chicken for bit extra meat.

I chopped the meat into little chunks.
I figured this would make a nice small kibble topper to rotate with the gizzards, ground meat and eggs. I rotate between those each day plus she gets full raw meal two to three times a week for dinner.

Saya's portion of deer stuff I kept raw. Bella's green tripe is raw too. I cut into tiny chunks and froze individually easy to give tiny bit so she'd get used to it. Bella also had half a deer bully stick and she has half of deer trachea and one deer rocky mountain oyster I split it between the two tried to get as even as I could with portions.
 Bella liked he deer pizzle she also had some deer meat it still had bit of deer fur on it, but she didn't mind and ate it.

Meat all cooked up and ready to be mixed

Honest kitchen pre mix
I had ordered a small thing of honest kitchen pre mix. I mixed it was the buckwheat and meat mix.

Also had cooked some blueberies, black raspberries and ground it and left some blueberries whole.

Both Saya and Bella love blue berries and black raspberries so I figured it make nice treat. The black raspberries grow in the field and in edge of woods. Dogs will eat them fresh if I pick and hand them one.
Meat, buckwheat, and fruit all mixed up.
I also added a couple cans of sardines into the mix I rinsed them and just added the fish no water from the can.

I tried to stir the mix as good as I could so meat would be mixed in as even as possible.

I've fed this through out the week and the container I used had pretty good bit of meat, but not too much.
Everything all in containers and ready to be frozen. There is one other container, but it's in the fridge.
I used one of the small containers for first time giving it and gave tiny bit with her kibble meals and increased it tiny bit. So far she done fine with it. I decrease kibble amount when I add this don't want to over feed her since she is at good weight and has some nice muscle.
Saya and Bella was good at cleaning the containers I used to mix it. Saya got one outside she was already outside at that time so figured she can clean in the nice weather. Bella got her's inside.

Saya's portion is same as Bella has buckwheat mixed in with egg, meat from the bones, blueberries, black raspberries, and honest kitchen pre mix. Only difference I didn't cook any deer organs and meat to add to it.

I just give the mix as a small snack just spoon full or two I put her joint supplement and salmon oil and she eats it up. Both Bella's and Saya's portions should last good while.

Saya has had some of her deer and she likes it I gave her a deer liver for her liver meal and she has had tiny pieces of deer tripe and loved it. Once I'm done with giving deer stuff and it's gone I'll have room to get some stuff from local people. Need to get some beef tripe chunks from that one person.

I love trying new things and this was fun making Bella's own kibble topper and she really loves it. Saya thinks it is a great snack to have too. Coarse both dogs love food Saya's favorite meals is quail, sardines and chicken. she also loves lamb too. Anything really. Only thing Bella isn't into is pheasant luckily Saya loves pheasant so she eats it fine.

Yummy whole quail.
This pic taken after eating a whole quail licking her lips after eating her favorite meal. I got 46 left. :D I offer it once or twice a month it provides a nice variety and it's also counted as a bone in meal since it has good bit one bone. She only leaves the feathers on the wings. I can see feathers in her poop and it doesn't seem hurt or bug her either. It's perfect size meal too i usually give a egg or tiny bit of meat for morning meal and pm or lunch time she gets the quail.

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