Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Steadfast Stanley from John Cody Kim / corgi searches for his boy during zompie apocalypse

Not much to blog about today, but found this video it is adorable!

Steadfast Stanley is a wonderful animated short about a corgi searching for his human in the zombie apocalypse. It was made by a third year CalArts student John Cody Kim.

I'm bit of a zombie fan love walking dead, night of living dead etc..

I think walking dead gotta be my favorite comic and tv series.

I'm currently playing the Telltale game:The walking dead and I love it a lot it's a point and click type of game that is what telltale games is known for.. I'm currently playing the second season.. Sadly only episode 1 and 2 is out. Episode 3 comes out soon sometime in May no solid release date..

I downloaded the season pass for season 1 & 2 on the ps3..

The wait for new episode does suck, but luckily I got other things that keep me busy books, other games and chores etc.

I loved season one it was fun and whole choice thing is cool. Though either way ending is same, but characters do act bit differently depending on choices.

Season 2 is turning out to be interesting can't wait to play it all. Playing a kid is interesting..

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