Thursday, May 8, 2014

Grandma lucy Valor

I never fed grandma lucy before it's like honest kitchen in that it is dehydrated dog food type of thing.

I got a offer for free sample of valor formula from my email I signed up for newsletter long time ago and get stuff from time to time. I chose the fish formula. 

Ingredients look good and smells good too. Only thing is lentils. Main selling point is the Quinoa I guess.

I split it between Bella and Saya Bella gets her's mixed in with her kibble like a kibble topper and Saya gets it alone. She already ate her morning meal and this should be enough. I gave her some gizzards too.

It seems a lot of dog companies are adding lentils, chickpeas, and peas or pea protein to kibble lately.

At least with this it's a new line of food not changing an existing kibble and saying they're improving it..

Saya has a pretty good stomach and does well with pretty much any meal she gets so I don't think it will cause any issues and for Bella it's just a kibble topper for the day. she is also getting a egg with it too.

The stuff comes with a big chunk and few small chunks of fish. Rest of it is ground up pieces of fish. I guess they do it for looks or so owner sees few chunks meat I dunno. It's nice looking though once rehydrated the fish looks like nice piece of fish and it has nice smell to it.

Price wise for the fish is coarse pricey $36.99 for 3lbs and 97.99 for 10lb and the turkey and the chicken formula is $33.99 for 3lbs and 87.99 for 10lb. It's similar to price of honest kitchen though.

Honest kitchen zeal for 4lb is $54.99 and the 10lb is $109.99 zeal is bit more pricey then the grandma lucy valor fish. I'm not sure their prices on other brands haven't really looked.

I've been meaning of trying the grandma lucy food to compare to the honest kitchen. the sample is nice 1.05oz.

I never fed this before so not sure how it is, but the dogs loved it and ate it up. I dunno if the meat is ground up small like with honest kitchen love formula and there is few chunks here and there or what.

I plan to get a small bag soon probably the artisan lamb. If anything it make a nice kibble topper for Bella to rotate with. I usually give her bits of liver, ground meat, gizzards. and a raw meal two to three times week as dinner instead of kibble.

Eventually I plan to hit up on some sources and get Bella on raw for dinner all the time. I can't afford to feed her raw full time feeding 20lb dog I can do, but a 20lb and 58lb no.. Plus she is my parent's dog and feeding kibble in am is easier for them. Which is fine Bella does great having kibble am and kibble toppers and raw as dinner few times week.

Still got stuff in freeze need feed to free up room. Got the deer stuff I got from dad's deer. Saya and Bella love the green tripe of deer! Saya had deer liver for her liver this week. Saya is pig so she isn't too picky.

Her coat is good and she is lean and full of muscles. :) Coarse she is happy too.

She has matured finally no longer acting like a puppy and listening and doing better off leash in the yard which is good. Kinda sad Saya my shiba way better off leash then her a boxer.. Funny how odd of a couple of dogs they are.. Now that Bella is doing better off leash she gets more freedom and hangs in yard with me while we do yard work without needing to be on a long leash.

Boxers mature later I guess takes five years! lol Saya my shiba she acted mature at age of one and half..

Coarse people still think Saya is a husky puppy and freak out then they learn she is five years. She'll be ten and people will still think she is a pup..

Anyways I just learned of Grizzly Pollock oil thanks to blog I follow My rotten dogs.

I've been using Grizzly salmon oil and just recently gotten a bottle. I'm thinking of ordering this pollock oil figure it wouldn't hurt dogs love fish oil. I do think it helps some plus not all of Saya's meat is grass fed.

Still Saya will shed her fur, but I do think the fish oil helps her coat.  A 32oz of pollock oil should last the two good while.
I love showing this picture. haha :) One year I saved all the undercoat she shed from me brushing her! Look how lean she looks without all that!

This year she has a really thick under coat and she is finally shedding a good bit. before it was just tiny bit now I can get a lot of fur off her.

I only saved under coat one time.. I kinda wished I did it for spring shed and fall to compare and see if she sheds more in one season or about the same.. saya is always a pretty fluffy dog. her neck fur makes her neck look a lot bigger then it really is.

This is what Saya looks like after a extremely major coat blow! this pic was taken in Jully 2011.. She hasn't blown her coat like this yet. past ones usual coat blow maybe she is due for major one soon. Today is pretty hot 86F!

Eating a whole quail
Pic from about same time look how lean she looks. :D My vet thought she was a bit overweight, but her thick coat makes her look bit chunky.. She's been about same weight 20 to 22lbs she gains bit in winter, but spring time she loses it so I'm not too concerned.

She is back to 20lbs was 23lb in winter. She tends to want to eat bit more in winter and in warmer times she eats normal amounts. She exercises a ton in winter lots walking and playing in the snow going in the woods and up and down hills..

When she gets bath you can see her body condition better. Can't wait for her to be done shedding and get her spring/summer coat in.

She seems to be handling the hot weather well she seeks shade if needed and drinks. If really hot she'll ask to be let inside the house.

Bella my mom's boxer she handling it well too she takes bit longer to cool off then Saya so Bella gets bit less outdoor time when it's really bad. Being a boxer she doesn't have as long of a nose like Saya does.

We try get in early am and late pm walks and if I do yard work the dogs just hang in the yard till I'm done or they want in.

I love boxers, but I do enjoy shiba inu and other longer nosed breeds more they seem to handle weather change much better. Saya is black coloring still handles hot weather better since she has her longer mouth.

I still love boxers, but spitz breeds are always my favorite. :)

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