Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Toughts on NV Bison

three nuggets for her and bit of plain Greek yogurt
She did fine on it she did have one night where she had yucky poop. She had go bad and pooped on her feeding towel thankfully she did it there since it so padded with towels. I just hosed the towel and washed it in washer all good.

I don't think it was due to the Nature's variety raw since she ate it that day and had bad poop same night, but who knows maybe it was.

Day after she had normal poop. I rushed her in it instead of introducing it to her. She did fine for the week on it.

First day I fed it I gave it to her thawed to see how would she do, she swallowed the second nugget whole no bites which she then regurgitated it up and re ate it crunching it up that time third one she ate fine.

Saya seemed to enjoy the pre made stuff she had a bison roast before which she loved.

I don't think I'd care to feed pre made full time, but for boarding, or family feeding her I rather use it for that easier for boarding staff and family etc..

Easy to feed coarse, but I prefer whole stuff. She got a beef rib that week she enjoyed it and used her paws on it once the meat was mostly taken off.

Day one on pre-made
Day two on pre-made
Day three on pre-made right rib is before and left after

Day four on pre-made
Day five on pre-made
Day six on pre-made
I stopped on day sixth thought it was enough and wanted to go back to normal feedings. Anyways she did good on it poop got bit white, but that was due to the beef rib, but after few days it was normal.

I know this brand had some recalls on chicken formula and their rabbit I read comes from China, but not sure on that exactly I didn't look into it.

Pre made not too bad, but expensive, but good for owners who are not sure how to feed raw and can always go to prey model, barf, frenkenprey or whatever type that person chooses once comfy..

Pre-made is easy like kibble no need to be sure getting right amounts of stuff etc.

Pacific saury I had it in the bag while it thawed out it's 5.30oz or so
I much prefer my type of feeding though Saya enjoys it too. Yesterday she got this Pacific Saury it weighed about 5.30oz or so and has head and organs still.
She also gotten a chicken foot too.
I get them from Asian market they also sell them headless and without organs, but I prefer the head and organs extra yummies. Sometimes they have eggs which Saya loves.

Today meal was AM a mix of two caned sardines, half can tuna, little bit plain Greek yogurt, cooked and ground up veggies(spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, peas, and green beans), bit of blue berry, and bit of red raspberry, also some caned oysters. She loved the mix.

PM she got 5 or 6oz or so of boneless pork.

Saya watches as I fix her pre-made with some yogurt and fruit
All in all I will probably buy another thing of it got another coupon I think and might go on vacation for week sadly not sure if place allows pets some do, but it's sketchy.. The pre made will make it easier for her since she might refuse to eat some and it'd be easier to put a nugget back in freezer plus.

I will see maybe we'll go to a place that allows pets and I can make a call see if they allow some sites say they do some don't so we will see. The places look like they'd be fun lots hiking places.

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  1. Aw love that last pic of Saya. Makes me want to have a B&T shiba as well.. ;)