Saturday, February 4, 2012

Home made dog treats

Saya taste testing home made treats
I made some dog treats I followed recipe my mom got from her mom did some modifications due to corn meal and added bit more meat then required.

They turned out good and made a lot. Saya and Bella really liked them.

Cookie my mom made in Christmas time it's fancy with bone shape.. It's peanut butter flavor

Peanut butter ones my mom made.

Recipe is 1 cup wheat flour, 1 cup corn meal(I add oatmeal instead you could just do two cups of wheat flour or something else besides cornmeal if you like Rice flour or whatever as long as it's OK for dogs and your dog isn't allergic.)

1 egg, 3 table spoons of olive oil, 2/1/2 table spoon of parsley(Not needed if you don't have it the ones mom made didn't have parsley), 1/4th garlic(not needed if you don't like to use it)

2/3 cup of chicken stock be sure it's kind that doesn't have onions in it.. Can use beef stock too make your own too or buy it.

Slowly mix and add 1/2 cup of cooked liver or peanut butter can also do cooked boneless chicken, pork or beef grind it up so it mix well.

roll 1/2 inch thin

Bake at 350 for 20minutes might need cook bit more if it's thicker.

Finished cookie black thing is a bit of blueberry
 This is the cookie I made I cut into squares and they break apart easily or can be fed whole.

All together is has pork, turkey, turkey liver, pork liver, beef liver, beef heart, parsley, one and half cooked egg and one raw, caned tuna, caned sardines, caned salmon and, bit of caned oysters also has some cooked veggies ground up veggies(broccoli, bit romane lettuce, bell peppers, spinach, and green beans.)
 I used wheat flour and oats for the dry ingredient and did bit extra oats since was low on wheat flour and had extra ingredients like the meat, caned fish, and veggies.

boneless pork chops, turkey liver, pork liver, beef heart and a bit of beef liver
Here's how much meat I did 8 or so oz of boneless pork, one pork liver, one turkey liver, liver is 2.24oz each, tiny bit of beef liver, 4 or 6oz of beef heart all cut up.

pork cooking first and cut up so it cooked faster. I used olive oil to cook it in.

Pork, liver, heart all cooking. I actually tasted a bit of the cooked heart not bad reminds me of beef liver. grass fed beef heart! Rawr!

Some cooked blended parsley and two bags of cooked chopped up turkey meat, liver, gizzard, and heart each bag has like 3 or 4 oz of meat I think.

The turkey I got free with my craigs list ad for free meat.

It was enhanced so I cooked it up and chopped it up for training treats, kibble topper, or to make home made treats with. 

This is a mix of cooked veggies(spinach, tiny bit of broccoli, green beans, bell peppers, and carrots) one and half boiled egg, little bit of banana, pear, and little bit of caned oysters.

I also added two caned sardines into both portions and put half can of salmon in Saya and Bella and half can of tuna in Saya and Bella's portions.

I had also put some oats in it and cooked it in the microwave. yummy. haha

I made this for Bella and Saya few days before deciding to make dog treats so I thought I'd add Saya's portion to the treat mix since her's was smaller portion and Bella got her's as a kibble topper.

Everything almost done turkey added in parsley, and then I added bit of water to cook it in to make a broth. 

I then ground the cooked liver, heart, pork, and turkey in the grinder I already added the wheat flour and olive oil on the bottom.
Flour, oil, meat mix and veggie and caned fish mix was mixed into it all and a bit of the oats.
Broth that was left from cooking I added bit more water to it then added it to the mix.

Saya sticking around the kitchen to sample to raw batter. Like a kid wanted to eat cake batter.. haha
She loved it.

Mix has everything broth, egg and rest of the oats mixed in.

Spread onto the cookie sheet. I added some blue berries to it too I mashed it up and mixed it in the mix.

I made this batch bit thicker so I cooked it bit extra also didn't grease it enough so next batch I did better these turned out fine just some crumbs stuck to the cookie sheet so I put it into Bella's dog bowl she ate it with her kibble.

Pieces of finished treat the white bits are crushed eggshell. This isn't required. I added it into the veggie and caned fish mix when I thought I was giving it to Saya and Bella as a snack..

I don't think it'd hurt Saya and Bella has had egg shells before with no issues.

Next time I'll be sure to not add them if the stuff is going to be used for dog treats.

I bagged them up in small zip lock bags and then stacked them in a big zip lock to freeze them for later use.

Second batch done and cut up. There was little bit left so I made third batch of cookies too.

How they look from sides they're easy to break into bits or given in big pieces either way.

All the treats bagged up and stacked. Once they were done freezing I took them into the basement in the chest freezer.

Since they got meat in them I froze them. If I want train with them I take a baggie out or take a few treats and train.

Peanut butter ones would probably do fine out freezer unless you make a big batch then you can freeze it.

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