Monday, February 27, 2012

Fruitables dog treats

Pumpkin and mango flavor
I been using same ol biscuit treats from wellness so I thought to try different ones. So far we tried a chicken based biscuit forgot the brand's name the treats are square and easily breakable into two medium pieces, or four small pieces.

Fruitable is one I decided to try this time. Got Pumpkin and mango Saya likes both fresh..

Price wise it's not too bad comes with like 100 pieces of them I think forgot what it said on the bag.

Treats aren't really easy to break apart you might have to use knife if you want them smaller.. They're still nice and small for training.

I gave one to Saya while she was outside as a treat for coming to me, but she chewed it and then spat it out. I picked it up offer to Bella she spat it out..

I tried again and Saya spit it out again and on third try she ate it.

Now her and Bella will eat the fruitable treat with no issue.

Saya leaving treats when told to

Ingredients seem decent just fruit not meat, but these are treats so. Saya loves fresh mango and cooked pumpkin. :)


  1. The Bows love their Fruitables! I think it smells pretty nice too. Gave one a taste once. Methinks it needs more salt and sugar -- for the humans, anyway. ;)

  2. Perry, our Shiba, and I are having such a good time following Saya's adventures! What a sweetheart! Perry says hi!