Thursday, March 1, 2012

tick season has come early here!

Tick season has come early here thanks to mild winter.. Well it got to 15F and some times below zero, but it hasn't been as chilly as last year so ticks are out. :(

Saya has had some from the checks which I got off right away.

I must missed one because one day she ran up to me wanting her neck scratched I felt a tick luckily it wasn't engorged must been from that day's walk.

I usually get them all and do more checks before bed, but I must failed on this.

Her winter coat is so thick it can be hard to look through her.

Bella being short haired she is easy to  find tick have her lay down check belly, between toes, ears, butt and so on then done.

Finding the tick attached to Saya and just finding them so early got me bit grossed out!

I love being in country, but ticks make it no fun since they're in the trails. our backyard not so much maybe the birds out on the grass in am keep ticks at bay..
I looked up various items to buy I seen this item before on the Nihonken forum long time ago, but never ordered it so I decided to finally get it the item is called Ticked off.

Supposed to remove tick with no issue I'm not sure how well it works with non engorged ticks or small ones, but we will see I rather remove them sooner then later.. Tweezers have worked so far, but I worry I might screw up and head stays on..

I ordered the pack of three so if it does work we'll have one to travel with one in house and a spare in case we loose one..

I'll be sure to write my thoughts if I ever have to use it.

I also ordered these tablets called bug off garlic chewables they also have bug off garlic granules.

I'm not sure which is best to use I thought I'd give the chewables a try and when low I'll get granules to compare..

the company is doing a sale on both so I thought it was a good deal buy one 1,000 tablet get one free for $69 plus they have 15% off on the chewables so I bought two of them so each dog has 2,000 tablets to test out.

It supposed to repel ticks not kill them or anything, but this might be good extra defense against the ticks during bad tick times.

I'll still do extensive tick checks, but still if this helps repel ticks it'll be great.. if not ah well worth a shot. I'm really hoping it works out.. I only have to pay $62 for my portion mom pays $62 for her's so not too bad price wise for 2,000 chewables..

For dog Saya size she would need one a day or maybe two if ticks are really bad.

The instructions say to introduce slowly so I'll be sure to do that I hope they don't be too picky with the chewables.. I can always disguise it with liver, caned fish or ground meat, but still.. It does have beef liver in it so might not be an issue.
I'll be sure to post my thoughts on both products when they come we'll see how Saya likes them or if I need use ground beef or caned fish to give it to her we'll see.


  1. Love that last photo. It's so 'shiba!' and yes, our darling brings ticks into our bed. I once had one in my ear canal thanks to Perry.

  2. Gross! I had one on my neck once crawling another time attached and once in my hair! Grr!

    One time I freaked it I dropped it on the bed I found it luckily took forever.

    I love living in the country, but ticks is one thing I don't love about it. Funny we haven't had any issues with fleas except for our old cat which gotten them somehow luckily we were able to get rid of them by giving her a bath a few time with flea shampoo and bombing the garage.

    Our fault because we forgot to put their flea/tick stuff on for that month. :\