Friday, March 9, 2012

Ticked off is here

Ticked off came yesterday. I ordered the three pack one and they gave me one free which is nice!

I dunno if these work, but worth a try I guess. Coarse I'm not going to search for a tick and let it latch on gross!

I always do good tick checks after walks before bed and stuff and so far I catch them before they become engorged, but still.. scares me I might miss one for a few days. Saya's winter coat is really thick this year can't wait till she blows it now that weather is warming up she gets hot sooner.

Here's the thing at different angles.
I'm hoping this will work and I'm worried it might not work with small ticks only with big kind or engorged ones only.. Videos of demonstrations on these products always show an engorged tick.. Which sooner removed the better I don't want to wait till it's fat with blood to remove it..

I never used thise type thing before, but people on lots forums says it works so we will see.

I got the three pack since if it works it'll be great to have one in car, home and another in case other is lost. If this works good I'll give the fourth to a friend nearby..
Cute fox toy I found at a store.

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